Vince's Home Page

Hello ! I'm Vince Smith AKA "The VMAN" and this is my home page. My family and I live in Russellville, AR. a small town located  about 80 mile west of Little Rock on I40.
I have included pictures of my family, cars and a few links that I enjoy. As you will see from my links I enjoy working on cars, houses, and following politics.

                                           Here are some useful Links:

Conservative Web sites: 

Free Republic

The Federalist Papers

Congressman Asa Hutchinson, 3rd District of Arkansas


The Postal Jeep Page the first and only site devoted entirely to the Postal Jeep.

Parts Mike the Answer Man Forum Archive Links and Current Tech Questions

 Jon's Place/Jeep Page ( How to make a welder from a cars alternator)

 Motor Age Magazine

 Engine Oil Filter Study

My vehicles

1993 Ford E150

1991 Toyota Pickup Truck

1976 Postal Jeep


  REMODELING Online: Where smart remodelers turn for how-to, design and business advice.

My Family