ABSTRACTS FROM 1866 - 1900

From the LeRaconteur [Abstracted by Ann D. and Judy Riffel]

The Carroll Record was begun in 1866 with Edward and E. J. Deloney as editors, after Feb. 1868 also Charles M. Coffee. It was initially published in Floyd, La., but moved to L.P. later that year.

July 21, 1866 - A Sad Accident. Mr. R. H. Wyly was drowned at Jackson's ferry on the evening of the 13th inst. He and another gentleman attempted to cross the Macon in a small dug-out, which turned over with them. Mr. Wyly having just recovered from a spell of sickness, was too weak to swim out, though he got within a few feet of the shore before he went under. He had been in the parish only a short time, and came here for the purpose of studying the profession of the law, and we understand was a man of fine abilities. He was from Mississippi.

Aug. 04, 1866 - Married. Carson~Montgomery. July 26, Miss Dora Montgomery, daughter of J. W. Montgomery, Esq., to Mr. Joseph Carson, all of this parish.

Aug. 04, 1866 - Died. Monday, July 30, Laura Watson, infant daughter of J. L. and Adelaide Cheatham.

Aug. 18, 1866 - Married. Roberts~Smith. In New Orleans, Aug. 2, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. Dr. Hedges, Capt. A. W. Roberts, of Lake Providence, to Miss Lucie A. Smith, of New Orleans.

Aug. 18, 1866 - Died. August 12, Lula M., daughter of T. S. and M. A. Mabin, aged 13 years 7 months.

Aug. 18, 1866 - Died. August 14, at her mother's residence, near Floyd, Tillie Davis, youngest daughter of Mary T. and the late James Y. Caldwell, aged 5 years.

Nov. 03, 1866 - Married. Burke~Lewis. On the 31st October, at the residence of the bride's father, Clinton, Miss., Capt. Thomas A. Burke, of Lake Providence, La., to Miss Mattie R. Lewis, daughter of Judge Lewis.

Nov. 03, 1866 - Died. Since we left Floyd we learn of the recent death of Judge Dougherty, an old and highly respected citizen of the place, and for many years a practicing member of the Carroll Bar.

Nov. 10, 1866 - Wylde Harding, the husband of Belle Boyd, was one of the passengers drowned by the foundering of the Evening Star; and Lieut. W. P. Dixon, of the U.S. 6th Cavalry was also lost.

Dec. 01, 1866 - Died. At her residence in Franklin, St. Mary's Parish, La., on the 8th of October, Mrs. Eliza S. Roberts, aged sixty-seven years and eleven months. The subject of our notice was born in Columbia, South Carolina, on the 9th day of December, 1798. She was educated principally at Warrenton, North Carolina, and after her school days were over, became the consort of Rev. Henry D. F. Roberts, who had just graduated at the South Carolina College, under the control of the great and good Dr. Maxcey. She lived a happy life with her pious husband until the spring of 1854, when his Maker called him from earth. She became the mother of twelve children, ten of whom she lived to see give up earthly cares; and at her death she had but two sons left to mourn her loss-- John M. Roberts and Abisha W. Roberts.

Dec. 01, 1866 - Married. Sage~Sanders. On Thursday, the 1st of Nov., by the Rev. Wm. Keller, Rev. Thomas J. Sage to Mrs. Susan Sanders, all of Carroll Parish, La.

Dec. 22, 1866 - Married. Thompkins~Graham. In this place, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Wolff, Mr. J. B. Thompkins to Miss Belle Graham.

Feb. 02, 1867 - Married. Pilcher~Blackman. On Monday, 28th January, at the residence of her father, Dr. Blackman, Miss Bettie B. Blackman to Capt. Charles M. Pilcher, all of Lake Providence.

Feb. 18, 1867 - Died. In the city of Philadelphia, on Monday, 28th January, 1867, Elizabeth M., wife of Matthew B. Sellers, of L.P., Louisiana, and daughter of the late Thomas Cash. Funeral from the residence of her sister, No. 235 South 13 Street, on Thursday morning, 31st of same month. Interment at Woodland's Cemetery.

Apr. 16, 1867 - We learn that a desperado by the name of Lusk, at Floyd, wantonly shot and killed a freedman of Mr. C. T. Motley. He was promptly arrested by Sheriff Collins, and deputy Sheriff Hedrick. Our jail is insecure, and no prospect of a court being held, it was deemed advisable to carry him at once to New Orleans to lay the matter before the military authorities. The negro murdered was an excellent blacksmith, and was of an amiable and inoffensive character, and is a serious loss to Mr. Motley and the whole community. We commend the prompt action of our sheriff in the matter.

Apr. 16, 1867 - Married. Scott~Chambliss. In this Parish, on Friday, the 28th of March, at the residence of Col. S. L. Chambliss, the bride's father, by the Rev. A. Cannon; Miss Matille Chambliss to Mr. Walter S. Scott, of Minden, La.

Apr. 23, 1867 - Married. Lee~Burbridge. In the city of Vicksburg, at the Episcopal Church, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Samson, Captain Jos. C. Lee, of this parish, to Mrs. Ella D. Burbridge, of Warren County, Miss.

Apr. 23, 1867 - Died. On Sunday, the 21st inst., Virginia Rosalie, eldest daughter of W. R. C. and Julia J. Lyons.

Apr. 30, 1867 - Died. On the 20th inst. at his residence in this parish, Mr. Alex. F. Roberts.

May 07, 1867 - Married. Allen~McCarroll. At the residence of the bride's father, on Tuesday evening, the 30th ult., by Rev. Dr. Sansom (sic), of Vicksburg, Miss. Sallie McCarroll and Mr. Cicero M. Allen of this parish.

May 07, 1867 - Allen~Postlewaithe. And on the same day, in the city of New Orleans, Miss Emma Postlewaithe and Mr. Columbus H. Allen.

May 14, 1867 - Died. At Floyd, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Margaret F., consort of M. Dubose, Esq., aged 50 years.

Feb. 29, 1868 - Died. On Sunday night Feb. 23rd 1868 R. B. Lyons, son of W. R. & Julia J. Lyons in the 8th year of his age.

Feb. 29, 1868 - Died. On Saturday the 22nd, Dr. Jackson Chambliss.

May 09, 1868 - Died at the residence of his mother in this village on the 2nd inst. Patrick McCarty aged 29 years.

June 20, 1868 - Drowned yesterday Mr. H. B. Balfour by falling from the Steamer Plain City between this place and Goodrich's Landing. He was a young man.

July 04, 1868 - Shot. Herrin. One of the horse thieves arrested lately in Bayou Macon Hills and sent to Bastrop was shot and killed while attempting to escape.

July 04, 1868 - Balfour, Major H. B. aged 23 years drowned in the Mississippi River opposite Henderson's Plantation from Steamer Plain City, Thursday 17 June 1868. He had a wife and young child.

Aug. 08, 1868 - Shot. Negro who robbed Major Spencer while attempting to escape. He is not dead yet.

Aug. 15, 1868 - William M. Deeson died last week. One of the few left after the war.

Aug. 22, 1868 - Died. Margaret Williams wife of Dandridge Williams (colored) in the 40th year of age at the residence of M. Everhart, Issaquena County, Miss., on the 3rd inst. after an illness of 10 days. Previous to the war the deceased was owned by Mr. Moseley.

Sept. 06, 1868 - Married. Ring~Morris. At the St. Paul's Church Vicksburg on Tuesday 25, Aug. 1868, by Father F. X. Leary, Mr. George F. Ring of Rolling Fork, Issaquena County, Miss., and Mrs. Catharine Morris of Vicksburg.

Sept. 26, 1868 - Married. Morgan~Larche. 23rd P.M. at the residence of the bride's mother in this village by the Rev. M. Dubose. Miss Emma Larche to Mr. D. L. Morgan.

Sept. 26, 1868 - Died. Josephine Green daughter of Col. A. W. Green and Mrs. E. A. Green, at Holly Plantation on Lake Providence at 1:00 A.M. Tuesday 22 Sept. of congestion.

Oct. 03, 1868 - Drowned. A soldier belonging to U.S. troops stationed at this post, in the river here Monday last said to be foreign - German.

Oct. 03, 1868 - Died. At Scotland Plantation in this parish on Tuesday P.M., Sept. 22nd, after a brief illness, Georgianna, only child of Mary A. and I. N. Kent, aged 2 years, 8 days.

Nov. 14, 1868 - Married. Lonsdale~Bosworth. At Memphis, Tenn., on Wed. 28th Oct. at 3:00 A.M. (sic) at St. Mary's Cathedral by Rev. Richard Hines, Mr. John G. Lonsdale, Jr., of that city to Miss Ida F. Bosworth of Lake Providence, La.

Nov. 14, 1868 - Died. On the Island Plantation near this place on 22 Oct. Christopher Wethersy.

Dec. 19, 1868 - Died. At Bellaggio Plantation near Providence on Thursday A.M. the 10 inst. after a short illness Mrs. C. L. Howe, consort of Chas. L. Howe, Esq.

Dec. 19, 1868 - Died. In this town by drowning Frank H. Magyne, youngest child of William and Elizabeth E. Magyne, aged 2 years., 1 mo., and 14 days.

Jan. 23, 1869 - Married. Barnard~West. Thursday 17 Dec. 1869 at the bride's residence on Deer Creek by the Rev. Geo. C. Harris, Mr. Wm. B. Barnard of Issaquena co., Miss., to Miss Lizzie M. West of Washington Co., Miss.

Jan. 23, 1869 - Died. In Arkansas County, State of Arkansas, on 3rd inst. after a brief illness Mrs. Carolina D. Chaney, wife of Col. Robt. C. Chaney, formerly of this parish and only child of M. Dubose, Esq.

Feb. 06, 1869 - Married. McCarroll~Deeson. On Tues. P.M. 2nd inst. at the residence of the late Wm. M. Deeson by the Rev. Dr. Sansom, Mr. James L. McCarroll and Miss Katie Deeson, both of this parish.

Feb. 13, 1869 - Married. Montgomery~Hunt. On Thurs. the 4th inst. at the residence of the bride's parents in Jefferson County, Miss., by the Rev. Robert Price, Field F. Montgomery of Carroll Parish, La., to Miss Ella Hunt of Jefferson County, Miss.

Mar. 06, 1869 - Murdered. Freedman George Terry on Anderson Place was shot and mortally wounded by another freedman, John Scott.

Mar. 13, 1869 - Married. Pennington~Roberts. 10 Mar. 1869 p.m. in this village at the residence of the bride by Rev. M. Dubose, Col. Wm. F. Pennington and Mrs. Mattie Roberts.

May 01, 1869 - Married. Anderson~Collins. 20th ult. in P.M. at residence of Col. H. V Keep by the Rev. Mr. Davis, Mr. Frank W. Anderson to Miss Emma V. Collins both of Issaquena County, Miss.

May 01, 1869 - Died. On Wed. A.M. the 20th ult. at the residence of Mr. M. Dubose of congestion of the brain Willie G. Graham age 18 years.

May 08, 1869 - Died. In Whelling, Va., on 7th Apr. Mr. H. N. Beard in the 53rd year of his age.

Jun. 12, 1869 - Died. In Floyd, Carroll Parish, La., on Sat. 29th day of May 1869 after short illness, Mrs. Lena Loudon consort of Robert J. Loudon in the 25th year of her age.

The Carroll Republican, Lake Providence, was begun around 1873.
Ed Shearer was Business Manager.
April 05, 1873 - Married. Estes~Beard. By Rev. R. B. Trippett at the residence of I. B. Beard of Carroll, La., on the 27th day of March 1873. Mr. W. M. Estes to Miss Virginia C. Beard.

The Lake Republican, Lake Providence, began in 1873. It was the only National Republican paper in Carroll Parish.

Aug. 02, 1873 - A colored man named Joseph Hoensburg died very suddenly yesterday afternoon in Cooks Saloon, lockjaw is supposed to have been the cause.

The Carroll Watchman began in 1875.
It began in 1873, suspended a brief time and then continued till March 4th, 1876.
A. W. Roberts was it's owner.

May 20, 1875 - Gen. John C. Breckenridge had been very low for some time. On the 17th instant he expired.

June 17, 1875 - Died. June 13th Mrs. Fannie Taylor, consort of Francis M. Taylor of this parish.

June 17, 1875 - Dr. S. P. Bernard breathed his last at 12 o'clock. Wednesday night after an illness of several weeks, of cancer in the bowels. The funeral will take place from the residence of his family tomorrow 5 o'clock P.M.

July 01, 1875 - On last Sunday our worthy townsman Col. Charles M. Belden became the happy father of a beautiful little daughter, his first.

July 01, 1875 - Married. Gordon~Lewis. On Wednesday 25 June at the residence of S. W. Lewis by Rev. W. D. Christian, Joseph Gordon to Martha Lewis.

July 09, 1875 - Murdered. Murder Among the Freedmen. A colored man named Ben Williams was brought to Providence and put in jail on Tuesday by Constable Moses Gibson of the 4th Ward. He is charged with the murder of a man last Thursday on the R. W.. Graves place in Madison Parish.

July 09, 1875 - Murdered. A murder was committed Friday on the Mounds Place in this parish. A colored man killed Green Simpson also colored, for abusing his wife.

July 22, 1875 - On Saturday morning, Mr. B. H. Lanier, Editor of the True Republican and Tax Collector for the parish, became the father of a little girl born at Oakland Plantation.

July 22, 1875 - Died. The last Carroll Watchman announced the death of Dr. S. P. Bernard of this parish.

July 22, 1875 - Died. At her residence on Bayou Macon Hills, in this parish on July 23, 1875, after a lingering illness, from inflammation of the stomach, Mrs. Gertrude Bullen, consort of David G. Bullen.

Aug. 12, 1875 - Obituary. Mrs. Gertrude Bullen consort of David G. Bullen, Esq., daughter of Mrs. Cynthia Stidgers, formerly of Warren County and granddaughter of David Gibson of Jefferson County, Miss. Besides her husband she leaves 2 boys aged 10 and 1 year old.

Sept. 02, 1875 - Little Lula, daughter of Mrs. Minnie W. Leddy, died Thursday at the age of 7 years after an illness of 2 days of congested fever. She was buried in the yard on her mother's premises, with Catholic rites. The funeral took place last Friday at 10 A.M.

Nov. 20, 1875 - Died. On the night of Friday 12th instant of congestion of the brain , Frank Leddy age 20 years.

Jan. 15, 1876 - Obituary. Little Willie Bell, son of Dr. W. D. and Mrs. F. R. Bell, departed this life 10 October 1875, aged 5 years and 8 months. (the next issue explains that the date is correct.)

Feb. 12, 1876 - Married. Powell~Lloyd. On the 26th Jan. 1876 at the residence of the bride's mother, in Hazlehurst, Miss., by the Rev. J. M.. Weems, M. Shelby Powell of Lake Providence, La., to Miss Orah Lloyd, of this place.

Feb. 12, 1876 - Died. We have just heard that one of our most estimable citizens a few days since. W. T. C. Anderson of Floyd.

Feb. 26, 1876 - Married. Carnahan~Watson. On the 17th inst. by the Rev. T. J. Sage, Mr. Wm. E. Carnahan to Miss Susan Watson all of Carroll Parish, La.

Feb. 26, 1876 - Died. On the 21st instant at 6 o'clock at his mother's residence, No. 63 Lodge St., Cincinnati, James E. Bruton in his 30th year.

The Carroll Conservative began in 1877.
D. L. Morgan, Editor and Proprietor.
No issues found after Feb. 1879.

The Carroll Democrat was begun June 23, 1877.
It merged with the Carroll Banner to become the Banner-Democrat.
Editor; D. L. Morgan
Publisher & Proprietor; James N. Turner

Oct. 06, 1888 - Married. Healey~Graves. At the Methodist Church in the town of Providence, La., on Thursday evening Oct. 4th, 1888, Miss Ettie Graves to the Rev. James Healey. The ceremony was performed by Rev. T. J. Upton.

Oct. 6, 1888 - Married. Ikerd~Pittman. At the residence of the bride's mother, Miss May Pitman to Mr. Lee Ikerd on Thursday Oct. _?, 1888. Rev. T. J. Upton read the interesting ceremony to the happy couple.

Oct. 20, 1888 - Died. Teasdale. At Black Bayou Plantation, East Carroll, La., on Sunday, October 14th, 1888, Julia Teasdale, wife of William Alling, aged 72 years. Mrs. Alling was born in Charlestown, S. C. Mr. & Mrs. Alling married life extended over 54 years. Seven children had been born to them, all of whom are dead. The bereaved gentleman is in his 83rd year.

Nov. 10, 1888 - Died at her home on Lake Washington on 30th of Oct., Mrs. Geo. G. Johnson, aged 80 years. Mrs. Johnson was the daughter of the late Oliver Morgan and half sister of Mrs. Matt F. Johnson. She leaves a husband and two children.

Jan., 05 1889 - Died on Saturday, Dec. 29, 1888, at 5 o'clock p.m. in the town of L.P., Mrs. Julia O'Breen aged 82 years. She was a native of Ireland and a resident of this country for 50 years. She was interred in Providence cemetery Sunday afternoon Dec. 30th.

Mar. 30, 1889 - Died in the town of Lake Providence, La., on Monday, March 25, 1889, Oliver Henry Cherry, aged 38 years, 7 monts, and 12 days.

Aug. 03, 1889 - Died. Sanders Day Oliver, buried in Fireman's Rest at Metairie. He died on Wednesday evening after a lingering illness. He came from East Carroll Parish where he held the office of Sheriff for quite a while. He was a soldier in the Confederacy. He was appointed Inspector of Customs until his illness. He was aged 63 years and father-in-law of Mr. C. R. Van Wickle, Dr. J. Rollo Knapp, and Mr. Robert Manson. Picayune, June 26th.

Aug. 31, 1889 - Died on Sunday 24th of August, 1889, William Jones Yell, a native of Arkansas in the 41st year of his age, departed this life in Lake Providence, where he resided since 1870. He leaves a mother, wife and children. He was buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Sept. 07, 1889 - Died at the residence of O. J. Byerle in the town of L.P. on Sat., Aug. 31st, 1889, Mrs. Susan Mary Webb of consumption, aged 38 years and 8 months.

Sept. 28, 1889 - Died at Lake City, Fla., on Tuesday, Sept.24, 1889. Eppes Davis, aged 26 years, son of Dr. J. L. & Mrs. S. R. Davis of this place.

Feb. 15, 1890 - Died at the residence of her son, Mr. T. F. Montgomery, Deesona Plantation, on Wed. at 11:30 a.m. Feb. 12, 1890. Mrs. A. Eliza Montgomery, aged 65 years., relict of the late Hon. J. W. Montgomery. She was interred in Providence on Thursday. She died of "La Grippe".

Feb. 22, 1890 - Died on Sunday, the 16th inst., at 8:30 a.m., Mary Jane, wife of James E. W. Houz, and daughter of Jacob and Lucinda Early. She was aged 19 years 6 mo. She was married for 4 years, and 6 mo.

Mar. 08, 1890 - Died at her home on Wilton Plantation in the Parish of E. Carroll, La., Sat., Mar. 1st, 1890, Mrs. Ethel Barwick, aged 18 years., wife of Mr. Ed. Barwick. She was buried in Providence Cemetery.

Mar. 15, 1890 - Died on Thurs. morning, Mar. 13, 1890, at his residence in the town of Lake Providence, John Martian, aged 70 years, a native of Bavaria, Germany, and resident of the parish for over 40 years.

Apr. 05, 1890 - Died. Miss Ida Gilky. Survived by her father. Mayersville Spectator.

May 03, 1890 - Married. Shields~Taylor. Mr. T. S. Shields and Miss Zillah Taylor, on last Wednesday evening at the residence of the bride's father, Dr. F. T. Taylor.

Aug., 02, 1890 - Died on Sunday, July 27, 1890, at the residence of Mr. F. H. G. Taylor in the town of Providence, John L. Brock, aged 24 years. He was buried in the Providence, Cemetery. He died of consumption. He is survived by his mother.

Aug. 09, 1890 - Died at the family residence on Congress St. in the town of Providence at 1 o'clock a.m. on Tuesday, Aug., 5, 1890, Mrs. Amelia LeMay, aged 59 years., 7 months.

Aug. 09, 890 - Died at noon on Tuesday, July 5, 1890, on the Hollybrook Plantation in the 2d Ward of this Parish, Charles McAllister, aged 73 yrs. He was a veteran of the Mexican War where he served under Hon. Wallace Keene. He returned to Carroll in 1846.

Oct. 25, 1890 - Died on Wilton Plantation, E. Carroll Parish at 11 o'clock, a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. the 23, 1890, Mrs. Jessee Eliza Todd, aged 20 years.

Dec. 13, 1890 - Died at Nashville, TN., Nov. 30th, 1890, Mrs. John Murphree, nee Miss Lenore Wheat Seay, formerly of this parish.

Dec. 13, 1890 - Died in Bunches Bend, E. Carroll Par., La., Dec. 8th, 1890, of trismusnascentium, infant son of Dr. R. W.. and Mrs. Adile Seay.

Feb. 14, 1891 - Died at Benham Plantation, Sun., Jan. 25th 1891, Thurlow Morson, aged 59 yrs.

Feb. 14, 1891 - Married. Dillon~Stassner. Married on Sunday evening, Feb. 8th at 8 o'clock p.m. at the residence of the bride's mother on Levee St., Mr. W.F. Dillon of MS. to Miss Mary K. Stassner. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father Mahe. They will reside at Mr. Dillon's home near Raymond, MS.

Feb. 21, 1891 - Murdered. Mr. James A. Baird, foreman of the Ruston Caligraph and Mr. J. A.. Oliver, were shot in that town last week by a negro preacher from Rayville named J. A. Smith. The negro was laid out there and then by shot in the head fired by some one in the crowd. Mr. Baird was mortally wounded. Mr. Oliver will recover.

Apr. 18, 1891 - Cards are announcing the coming nuptials of Dr. F. E. Artaud and Miss Alma Eastland Egelly. The ceremony will take place on Wed., Apr. 22, at 8 o'clock p.m. The Rev. Mr. Hart will Officiate.

June 06, 1891 - Obituary. (Havana, (Ill.) Republican) Mrs. Medora N. Rhodes, of this city, died in Chicago, May 21sst, 1891. She was born in the city of New Orleans, Sept. 9th, 1853, united in Marriage with Thomas B. Rhodes (sic) July 14, 1870. Of the union two daughters, Nannie and Bessie were born..... The body was interred in Laurel Hill Cemetery.

June 20, 1891 - Mr. P. B. Roberts died at the home of his son on Bunch's Bend on Monday, June 15th, 1891. His remains were brought to town Tuesday and conveyed to the Providence Cemetery at 11 o'clock a.m. Mr. Roberts is the last of several brothers who have passed away in Providence. Sebastian P. Roberts who died in 1853 was a prominent physician in the ante bellum days. Dr. Fletcher Roberts, a younger brother, died of consumption in 1861. There was another brother, Thomas who visited Providence in the fatal year of the yellow fever and died also...

July 18, 1891 - Mrs. Coralie Wood Pilcher, wife of Mr. Mason Pilcher, died at their home in Bolivar County, MS., on Tuesday evening the 14th. Mrs. Pilcher has several relatives in this place who will deeply mourn her too early departure.

August 22, 1891 - Died. At 10:39 o'clock p.m., Thursday Aug. 13th, 1891, at his residence on Sauve Terre plantation, Capt. W. Bodine Keene, aged 50 yrs., 4 mos., and 27 days.

Aug. 22, 1891 - Adolph Hubbard shot and killed Claib Dickson on the Live Oak Plantation Wednesday morning last. The trouble is said to have been the outcome of Hubbard's traducing the character of Dickson's sister.

Aug. 29, 1891 - Died. MORGAN. On Sat., Aug. 22nd, 1891, at 11 o'clock, a.m., Mary Llywellyn, daughter of D. L. and Addie Larch Morgan, aged 7 years...

Aug. 29, 1891 - Died. DAVIS. At the family residence in the town of Providence, on Monday, Aug. 24, at 2:25 p.m. Mrs. S. Roxana Eppes Davis, wife of J. L. Davis, aged 53 yrs. and 12 days...

Sept. 5, 1891 - Died. TURNER. On Monday, August 31, 1891, at 10 o'clock a.m., Peter Turner, aged 66 years, born in Glasgow, Scotland. (In this issue it states that the funeral services at Grace Church were quite impressive.)

Sept. 5, 1891 - Died. Quinn. On Friday, September 4, 1891, at 5 1/2 o'clock, a.m., Patrick Quinn, aged 50 years.

Sept. 12, 1891 - Obituary. Peter Turner, friend for 37 years. He was buried in Providence Cemetery. Survived by 3 children, he was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1825. He was a baker and emigrated to the New World in 1853. On the 18th of Sept. 1880 his wife died. (Long obituary)

Sept 12, 1891 - At Panola Plantation in the 5th Ward, John Sims shot and killed William Mathews on Sunday evening last a little after sun down. Both were under 20 years of age.

Sept. 19, 1891 - Married. Parker~Dunn. Mr. D. H. Parker and Miss Helen Z. Dunn were wed at Grace Church Wednesday evening by the Rev. William Hart. Reception was held at the residence of Mrs. Z. Goldenburg.

Sept. 19, 1891 - Homicide. Saturday night last about eleven o'clock, at Mr. Todd's store on the Guier place in the Second Ward, Sam Smith shot and killed Lott Lee, and wounded Henderson Howard. Smith escaped and has not been captured. Coroner W. E. Long with five selected citizens, viewed the body of Lee on Sunday, and rendered a verdict that he had come to his death by a gunshot wound in the hands of Sam Smith. The circumstances of the killing, as near as we can learn, were as follows; Several negroes had been playing craps, and among them Smith and Howard, a misunderstanding arose between these two and bitter words passed. Close by sat Barney Conn, constable of the Second ward, in his shirt sleeves with his pistol in his pocket; Smith managed to edge around back of the constable, and snatched the pistol from its scabbard and began firing at Howard, seriously wounding him in the neck and then shooting again at Howard, instantly killing Lott Lee who was not mixed up in either the game or the quarrel...

Oct. 3, 1891 - Died . BERNARD. At the family residence in the town of Providence, on Friday, Sept. 25th at 9:48 o'clock p.m. Ella Montgomery Bernard infant daughter of Dr. & Mrs. F. R. Bernard.

Oct. 3, 1891 - Lemay. In the town of Providence on Sunday Sept. 27th at 3:20 o'clock p.m. S.T. Lemay, aged 72 years and 5 months.... He had continuously in the employ of the United State as gauge reader at this place for 22 years...

Oct. 3, 1891 - A Fatal Tragedy. On Sat. night last a messenger came in town from Floyd, West Carroll, with the sad news that Jeff Dunn had been shot to death and Eugene Yarborough badly wounded.... Mr. Dunn who fell mortally wounded.... was laid away in Providence Cemetery on Sunday. Yarborough was alive when last heard from. His left arm was amputated near the shoulder, the elbow bone being completely shattered; one bullet struck him in the forehead and glanced around; he is also shot in the left side. His condition is considered quite precarious.

Oct. 10, 1891 - Married. Byerley~Purdy. Miss Anita Purdy and Mr. Frank Byerley were joined in the holy bond of wedlock at the residence of Mr. Jack Hays in Issaquena County, MS., on Wednesday at 1 o'clock P.M. Rev. Mr. Hart Episcopal minister of this place officiated. Miss Nita is the niece of Captain V. M. Purdy and sister of Mrs. Guenard. Mr. Byerley is from Cary, MS.

Nov. 14, 1891 - Mrs. Annie Lester Hill was a life long resident of the place. (She and her husband were recently married.)

Jan. 23, 1892 - The news of the death of Mrs. Nellie Hamilton with pneumonia reached us at home on Monday morning, while in feeble health.... Mrs. Hamilton was a truly good woman. A faithful wife, fond mother and kind neighbor...

Jan. 30, 1892 - Died. MARTIN. At her home, Sugar Bend Plantation, in Rapides Parish, on Monday Jan. 18, 1982, Mrs. Sophia LaMothe Martin, aged 86 years. Mrs. Martin was born Nov. 3, 1805 on Bayou Rapides near Alexandria, LA., where her father Polycarpe LaMothe, one of the early settlers of that region, had his home for many years. Soon after the marriage of Mr. Martin they settled in a bend of Bayou Boeuf, when the surrounding country was a wilderness, full of game and still inhabited by the aboriginal Indians; there are still on her land a few Biloxi and Choctaw Indians. They were ever kind to these simple natives, who looked upon Mr. Martin as a friend and arbitrator. Only a few days before her death an old squaw with two or three grandchildren came to "Sugar Bend" in a destitute condition. Mrs. Martin, who spoke the language fluently, held a long conversation with the old Indian woman and permitted them to move into a house on the place to pass the cold season of winter. Mrs. Martin was an intelligent lady of most gently manner; the writer has spent many a pleasant while listening to stories of primitive days in the Red River and Teche countries. Her native delicacy and gentleness were marked. I never heard her speak an angry or impatient word. She leaves four daughters; the eldest the mother of our fellow citizen Mr. Martin Compton and the youngest the wife of Dr. C. P. Whitehead, for twenty years a practitioner in old Carroll and East Carroll.

Feb., 13, 1892 - In Memorium. ... On the 22nd of March, 1890, Mrs. T. J.. Byrne gave birth to a couple of beautiful little girls... but alas, inside of five short months, death came with icy breath and froze up the vital current of sweet little Margurite, and little Cecelia was separated from her twin sister. The suffering of the parents cannot be described, but they found some consolation in lavishing their affection upon the one that was left. But sad to say, the merciless visitor came along again a few days ago and ruthlessly snatched away dear little Cecelia, two years to a day, from the date of her birth, and her body is now lying in the cold ground of the Providence Cemetery...

May 28, 1892. Homicide. On Saturday last out on what is known as "Lick Skillet" place, near Swan Lake, about nine miles from Providence on the road towards Joe's Bayou, Willie Segrist, colored, about 21 years old, was filled with buckshot and almost instantly killed by John Lee, white, living on the same plantation. Lee came in to town on the evening of the same day and surrendered to the sheriff, was placed in jail, where he is now waiting for the judgment that is to come. The body of the colored boy was brought in and put away in the Providence cemetery the following day in the presence of a large concourse of colored people. There are a variety of versions of the fatal transaction. In an interview with Coroner Long we learn that the testimony was somewhat contradictory. that there had been a fight between Lee's dog and th dog of Segrist, in which Segrist got this gun to kill Lee's dog in retaliation, and with his gun had got as far as the adjoining house to Lee's, when Lee spied him and set for him with his shooting iron laden buckshot, and as he neared the fence turned loose one barrel, Segrist staggered, and then, as one of the witnesses stated, Segrist snapped his gun at Lee, who then gave Segrist the other barrel and riddled the darkey with buckshot...

June 4, 1892 - We are pained to learn that Mr. Julius Dufour died soon after he reached his home in Vevay, Indiana, having spent the winter in Providence.

July 23, 1892 - Died. BERNARD. At the residence of her son Dr. F. R. Bernard, on Lake Street, in the town of Providence, Friday night, July 15, 1892, at 12 o'clock, Mrs. S. G. Bernard, relict of S. P. Bernard, who departed this life June 17, 1875... S. P. Bernard was the founder of the Bernard Drug Store in the town of Providence many long years before the war, when old Carroll was in its glory...

It merged with the Carroll Banner to become th Banner-Democrat.
The Carroll Banner was begun 1885.
S. B. Kennedy was Editor.

July 28, 1887 - Mrs. Penelope Annie Chaffe, wife of John Chaffe, died at her residence in New Orleans on the 13 instant, in the 64th year of her age.

Jan. 19, 1889 - Dr. William McCulloch. The death of this fine gentleman on Monday evening last, was a source of profound regret to the whole community. It was sudden and unexpected, the destroyer came in the form of pneumonia. The Doctor was 56 years old, and a resident of East Carroll for many years. At the time of his death, he was a resident of East Carroll for many years. At the time of his death, he was president of th police jury and engaged largely in planting. Dr. McCulloch came to this parish in 1866.... He has a daughter, Miss Kate, now at Notre Dame, Maryland, and a son William, at Trinity College. Mrs. Childs, Mrs. Ruple, Misses Lucille and Annie, and little James and Elise, were all at home and attended the last hours of their beloved father.... He leaves a devoted wife, six daughters and two sons...

Jan. 26, 1889 - Married. Smith ~ Stephens. Jan. 16, 1889, at the Church of Our Lady of Good Conduct, by Father J. F. Lambert. Will A. Smith of Plaquemine, La., to Miss Ann J. Stephens of New Orleans, La.

Feb. 09, 1889 - In Memorium. S. Pennock Bernard. Nothing have we in act or deed, with which to weave a garland of words in tribute to this little hero, who bore the pains of a long sickness with so much patience and cheerfulness. For it is only the record of a child's life, three years and 3 months, brief span, all told... To the grandmother he came a dear reproduction of children taken from her embrace, and with his grandfather's name, filled a void in her heart and home...

Feb. 23, 1889 - A sad Case. Mr. Thomas J. Writer, an honest, well known mechanic about town, died on Monday last under very sad circumstances. He had been sick for several days, but was on the street Sunday previous to his death. Monday some kind gentlemen went to see him, but did not think death was so near. During the same evening he was found dead in the house, by a colored boy, Overton, sent by Mayor Dreyfus, with dinner, for the sick man. As there were no witness to the death, an inquest was held and the verdict was heart disease. The old man lived alone in a little house he had built on the side of the levee.

March 16, 1889 - Died. In the city of Vicksburg, Miss., on the 24th day of Feb. 1889, Mellville Stein, aged 31 years; a native of Germany, and a resident of East Carroll Parish, La., for the last fifteen years.

March 23, 1889 - Died. At 1:15 o'clock a.m., Thursday, March 21, 1889, in the city of Lake Providence, La., Nina, second daughter of W. S. and N. B. Brown, aged 7 years, 4 months and 26

March 23, 1889 - Died. On Wed., Mar. 20, 1889, at 10 o'clock a.m., James __? Schonfarber, aged 7 years, 1 month and 15 days, son of John and Mary E. Schonfarber.

March 30, 1889 - In Memorium. Olive Henry Cherry. ... Cut down in the flower of manhood, the bloom of life, the intense joy of being; unfathomable mystery of the Divine will; where shall that young wife, so sadly bereft, go for lessons of fortitude more sublime than that clothed in the last words of the good man who shall walk among us no more.... Mr. Cherry was early left an orphan when; quite a young boy he forsook his native Mississippi, and started out in the world to wrestle from stern fortune a living. Whatever of success he has gained in life is due to his manly strength of character and will. he has been a prominent business man in East Carroll for the past sixteen years. He was but recently appointed by Gov. Nicholls' parish assessor. At the time of his death he held the rank of Prelate in the Knight of Pythias, and Secretary of the Masonic Lodge. He was buried with Masonic honors, and Knights of Phythias, and Providence Fire Co. followed his remains in a body...

April 06, 1889 - Married. Gradw__l~Jacob. On March 20, 1889, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. __? L. L_echt Morris Gradw__l and Miss Pauline Jacob, both of this city. - N. O. Pic

April 27, 1889 - Married. Zettel~Quays. At Robertdale, the residence of the bride's parents, on the 25th inst., Miss Mary J. Quays to Frederick I. Zettel.

May 04, 1889 - Hymenial. Quays-Zettel. One of the prettiest home weddings which has ever taken place in East Carroll, was the marriage of Miss Mary Quays and Mr. Frederick Zettel on the 25th day of April at the home of the bride's parents --Robertdale. ...

July 27, 1889 - Died. Seay - Emma Alleyn, aged 4 months and 10 days, infant daughter of Dr. R. W. and Adele Autey Seay, at the residence of Dr. F. R. Bernard, Lake Providence.

July 27, 1889 - We are pained to learn of the death of Major Sanders D. Oliver, which occurred in New Orleans, on Wed. evening, the 24th. The Major was for many years a resident of this parish and before and since the war held several important offices. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss. ...

July 27, 1889 - Mr. Brown, general manager for Mr. S. H. Mobberly, died on Wed. and was buried in the Providence Cemetery Thursday noon.

Aug. 03, 1889 - Married. Kimball~Hayes. The marriage of the Rev. Mr. Kimball and Mrs. F. M. Hayes took place on Wed. evening at 8 o'clock at her residence on Lake Street. The ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. Mr. Skipper of Mayersville was grave and impressive. ...

Aug. 03, 1889 - Died. On Tuesday morning, July 30, 1889, on the Way-A-Way Plantation, Alonzo Allen, son of Mrs. Mattie Allen, aged 5 years.

Aug. 10, 1889 - A Game of Poker Results in a Killing. We learn that on the night of Tuesday last, the negro hands engaged on the Government works at Ashton gave a ball near the store of Mr. George Owen on the Goza Place. After the ball some Irishmen, also belonging to the works who were engaged among themselves, and ended by calling for something to shoot with. The negroes, hearing the noise, rushed in and offered their pistols. A shot was fired, whether accidentally or not, does not appear; the negroes then crowded for the door and in the confusion and promiscuous firing, one of them was left with a bullet through his stomach. It is not yet known whether the shooting was accidental or intentional. The reporter could not ascertain whether or not the wounded man died. We have since been informed the next evening just before dark a white man was found in the weeds near the scene of the shooting with his bowells ripped open. The informant says that two negroes on the same place "held up" an Irishman and relieved him of $31. and some cents.

Aug. 10, 1889 - Addie Minniefield, a colored woman, died on the Calhoun Island, Friday morning, Aug. 2, 1889. She was buried Saturday.

Aug. 17, 1889 - We regret to learn of the death, on Friday last, of James Riley, aged 13 years, oldest son of Mr. J. H. Riley of this parish. Mr. Riley has many friends here, where he became well known as a member of our Police Jury, who will sympathize with him in his loss.

Aug. 31, 1889 - Died. On Sunday, Aug. 25, 1889, at 1 o'clock p.m., W. Jones Yell. He was interred in the Arlington Cemetery. The funeral services were performed by Elders Webb and Smith. His remains were laid in the North Star Church, and from there were taken to the cemetery. He was a member of the Sons and Daughters of Jacob. Jones Yell was a native of Arkansas and was a Sunday school teacher all his life. He came to Louisiana in 1870, and has always been a prominent man among his people. He taught school awhile, but the greater part of his life was spent on the Allwright Plantation. He was a member of the legislature from 1880-1882. Yell was a quiet, peaceable man, and one who has done much for the colored people of this parish. His death is a great loss to them. He leaves an aged mother and a wife and seven children.

Sept. 07, 1889 - Died. At the residence of O. J. Byrle, in this place, at 2:30 a.m., on Sat. Aug. 31, Mrs. S. M. Webb, aged 38 years and 8 months. The deceased was the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Webb, one of our most popular citizens and planter of this parish. ...

Sept. 21, 1889 - Hymenial. Melton~Keller. On Thursday night, at 8 o'clock, Mr. W. F. Melton, of Bluntsville, Ala., was married to Miss Ollie Keller, in the Methodist Church; Rev. Mr. Kimball performed the ceremony, which was short and impressive. Mr. John Keller and Miss Dessie Bell, Mr. Yancey Bell and Miss Mary Graves, and Mrs. Sam Kennedy and Miss Pauline Larche were the attendants on the bride and groom. ...They left on the Pargoud last night for Bluntsville, Ala.

Sept. 28, 1889 - Died - Mr. Eppes Davis. It is with a feeling of sadness that we chronicle the death of Mr. Eppes Davis, oldest son of our esteemed fellow townsman, Dr. J. L. Davis, which occurred last Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock, at Lake City, Florida. Mr. Davis was connected with one of the town papers for some time, and was steadily rising in his profession, when death called him away to the Great Unknown. His father left Tuesday evening on the steamer Leathers for Vicksburg, thence to Lake City. To the grief-stricken mother, father, brother and sisters, we tender all the sympathy we can...

Oct. 05, 1889 - Mr. Eppes Davis dead. Lake City (Fla.) Reporter. Died, at just sundown .... Tuesday evening last, Sept. 24th, 1889, Eppes Davis, aged about 26. He was a native of Lake Providence, La.. Where his parents and brother and sisters were at the time of his death. He had been among us for upwards of three years, and his life during that time was one of quiet and temperate rectitude. ...

Oct. 05, 1889 - Died. On Sunday night, Sept. 29, Mrs. Nancy Dawson (c), aged 34 years. Her funeral took place at St. Peter's Chapel M. E. Church, between 3 & 4 o'clock, Monday evening. Services were conducted by Rev. H. James and Rev. J.B. Webb. A large crowd of her friends were present. She was a good woman, and was popular with her acquaintances. Three little children are left behind to mourn after her. ...

Oct. 19, 1889 - Mrs. Thompson, a strange white woman from Iowa, who has been here for some months, died of consumption last Tuesday. She leaves a husband and two little girls.

Dec. 14, 1889 - Tribute of Respect. When the sad news of the death of Mr. Arthur Richardson at his home in this parish, Sat. evening, Dec. 7, was announced, it found many of his friends totally unprepared for such a sad shock. He had stood at his post as a leader of a class in St. Peter's Chapel to the last, and only on Dec. 1, died he reluctantly leaves the place to which he was so devoted ly endeared, to return to his home where loving hands could administer to this wants in the closing scene of his useful and busy life. ... The funeral services where held on Sun., Dec. 8, 12 in., in St. Peter's Chapel, M. E. Church, by Rev. H. James. ...

Dec. 28, 1889 - A Young Life Taken Away. It is with feelings of the deepest sympathy that we chronicle the death of our young friend, Mr. Hannegan, which took place at Capt. Jack Wyly's residence last Sat. morning. He had just been engaged by Capt. Wyly and was taken sick with pneumonia immediately after his arrival at the above gentleman's home. Joe was one of our young men just budding into manhood ... His remains were laid in the old family burial ground on the Motley Plantation, just below Floyd.

Dec. 28, 1889 - Sad Tidings. Las Tues. morning, a telegram brought the sad news that Mr. T. B. Snodgrass, of Scottsboro, Ala., had died of typhoid fever. Several years ago, Mr. Snodgrass married Miss Fannie Ashbridge. They went to Alabama, where Mr. Snodgrass has been engaged in business ever since. ...

Jan. 11, 1890 - Died. Last Tuesday morning, Thad Blakely. He had been confined to his bed about a week with pneumonia, when he suddenly grew worse. Thad was a good, honest and industrious colored man. He lived the greater part of his life with the late Col. F. M. Hays. He was popular among his people, and his death is regretted by both white and black.

Jan. 11, 1890 - Thomas J. Burell. Never before have we gone to press with such deep feelings of sympathy, as we do now, for the friends and loved ones of the above young man, who passed away last Sunday evening at 6 o'clock. After a few days of confinement to his bead, his sickness developed into cerebral meningitis, which proved fatal. Mr. Burell was only 31 years old, and was just getting his business in a fine condition. He was an honest, upright and industrious young man, with a heart that knew nothing but generosity, and a kind feeling towards every one, both white and black. He was secretary of the board of aldermen, and was always prompt in the performance of his duties. To the young girl, whose hopes have been blighted forever, and to her old mother, we would whisper a word of sympathy.

Jan. 25, 1890 - Died. On Sunday morning, about daylight, Mr. Andrew Hanna, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. M. S. Hamer. He was about 30 years old, and was a native of this parish. His remains were interred in the Providence cemetery.

Jan. 25, 1890 - Hon. Solomon Dreyfuss. It is with a feeling of profound reverence that we chronicle the death of this worthy citizen which took place at the residence of his mother last Sun. night. He had been unwell for a month or so, but not dangerously. In fact, he went to his place of business every day, until a few days before his death, when he began to feel too weak to go out. All this time his family felt no uneasiness about him, and it was not until they were called to his death bed, that they ever dreamed of a fatal termination. In fifteen minutes after they were called up, he was dead. He had been suffering with his heart and was taken off in a fit of apoplexy. His remains were taken to Vicksburg and buried with the rites of his people. Rabbi H. M. Bein performed the ceremony. .... Solomon Dreyfuss was born on the 1st of Jan. 30, in the town of Castel, in the Province of the Grand Dukedom of Hessen Darmstadt, of Germany, situated on the river Rhine. When 13 years old, he adopted the trade of a tailor, and at the age of 18, commenced traveling all over Germany, working at his trade in some of the largest towns of the Empire. In Jan., 1866, about two years after the death of his father, in company with two brothers, his mother and sister, he sailed from Liverpool to New Orleans, where they all lived, and where he last a brother in Aug. 1867, during the yellow fever epidemic. In 1873, he came to this town with his mother and sister to join his brother Dave, who had lived here ever since 1869. From that time to this, he has followed his profession. In 1882, he went into the mercantile business with his brother, Dave, who since, by thrift and industry, built up a good trade. ...

Jan. 25, 1890 - Married. Pepper~Cunningham. At Pinceton, Ky., Jan. 15, 1890, at the Methodist Church, Miss Grace Cunningham, of East Carroll, and Mr. R. L. Pepper, of Princeton, Ky. Miss Grace has been living there with her mother for the last six or seven years, and when she left here, she was just budding out as a young lady. Mr. Pepper is a young man about 24 years of age, with sober habits and good morals. ...

Feb. 01, 1890 - Died. At the residence of Mr. M. J. Hamer, Mrs. M. A. Hanna, aged 62 years. She was interred in the Providence Cemetery last Mo9nday at 3 o'clock.

Feb. 01, 1890 - Died. At 6 o'clock a. m., on Thursday, Jan. 30, 1890, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson. Her funeral took place from the residence of Mr. R. J. Walker, to the Catholic Church, thence to the Providence Cemetery.

Feb. 01, 1890 - Tribute of Respect. Hall of Providence, Fire Co. No. 1 Providence, La., Jan. 27, 1890. At a called meeting of Providence Fire co., held for the purpose of taking such action as might be necessary to show due respect to the remains of its deceased fireman, Jason Hamilton, a committee of three was appointed to draft resolutions, etc., expressive of the sense and feelings of the company in the premises. ... Be it Resolved, That in the death of Jason Hamilton, Providence Fire Co. has lost an efficient foreman, an officer untiring in his zeal and devotion to its best interest, an old member, tried and true, ever faithful and unflinching in love and duty towards our organization. ...

March 29, 1890 - Dr. J. S. Herring. A special from Floyd to the Picayune, dated March 23rd, says: Dr. John S. Herring died there on Friday. He was one of the most prominent men in the parish, a first class physician. He had been a member of the legislature and was at the time of his death, a member of the Tensas basis levee district commissioners. . He leaves a wife and five children...

April 19, 1890 - Married. Heath~Smith. Married on Wednesday the 9th inst., Mr. James P. Heath of Haye's Landing, Miss., was married to Miss Lourena Smith, of Mayesville, Miss. The ceremony took place at Clover Hill, at the residence of the bride's mother . . . Miss Lourena Smith is the sister of our honored and popular President of the board of Supervisors. . . Mr. Heath is one of our most energetic and progressive young planters. . .

Aug. 09, 1890 - Charles McAllister. Last Tuesday morning, at 10 o'clock, this old gentleman passed away, after a long life of seventy-three years. Mr. McAllister was born in 1817, and has been a resident of this parish for fifty years, his home being in the second ward. He served in the Mexican War and was the last of the old veterans in this parish. . . His remains were interred in the family grave yard of the G___er's (?), on the Cunningham place last Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. . .

Aug. 09, 1890 - Mrs. S. T. Lemay. This good lady breathed her last on Monday night last, after a very short illness. Her remains were interred in the cemetery Wednesday evening. ..She leaves a husband and two daughters.

Aug. 16, 1890 - A reward of $250. has been offered by Gov. Nicholls for the arrest of the murderer of Mr. Edward Ashbridge.

Sept. 13, 1890 - Mrs. A. C. Ryan. It is with a profound sympathy that we go to press with the sense of a great loss to the community in the death of this lady, which took place last Tuesday night, at half past two. . . Her remains were escorted to the Catholic Church, and from thence to the Providence Cemetery. . .

Aug. 16, 1890 - Mrs. Emma Ingram - After a severe illness of several days this lady died last Tuesday night at 9 o'clock. She was the widow of the late N. D. Ingram, formerly one of East Carroll's oldest citizens. Her remains were interred in the Providence Cemetery Wednesday evening, the burial ceremony being performed by the Rev. F. J. Vincent.

Dec. 13, 1890 - Last week we chronicled the birth of a little boy to Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Seay; this week it is our duty to chronicle it's death, which occurred last Sunday morning.

Missing Issues.

Jan. 10, 1891 - Married. Long~McFarland. Last Wednesday evening, at nine o'clock, Dr. W. E. Long and Miss Marie McFarland were united in the bonds of wedlock at the residence of Mrs. William McCulloch, the Rev. F. J. Vincent performing the ceremony. . .

Aug. 04, 1891 - Mrs. Mary B. Blackman. The sad new comes to us of the death of this lady, which took place at Mississippi City last week. Mrs. Blackman was the wife of Dr. H. G. Blackman, a former resident of East Carroll, and for a great many years an extensive cotton planter on the Allright Plantation, which was the old home of the family; but most of it has long since caved into the river. .

Aug. 15, 1891 - Capt. W. Bodine Keene. After a protracted illness of six or eight months, this gentleman passed away Thursday night at half past ten o'clock at his residence on Sauve Terre Plantation, at the ripe old age of fifty years. Captain Keene was one of the most prominent merchants of East Carroll and for many years has been identified with her interests. His remains were interred in the family burying ground on the plantation.

Sept. 05, 1891 - Mr. Peter Turner. This old citizen died last Monday at his residence on Sparrow Street at the ripe old age of sixty-six years. . . He came to this country in 1853 from Glasgow, Scotland, of which country he was a native. . .

Sept. 19, 1891 - Parker~Dunn. One of the most interesting social events of the season was the marriage of Miss Hellen Zuber Dunn to Mr. David H. Parker last Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in the Episcopal Church. The services were performed by the Rev. William Hart. . . Lastly, came the bride on the arm of her brother, Mr. J. W. Dunn.

Sept. 26, 1891 - Henry Goodrich. The most terrible shock to the community, and the greatest loss to his country as well as to his family, was the sudden death of United States Assistant Engineer, Henry Goodrich, which occurred last Saturday morning at his residence, surrounded by his wife and little ones. . . Henry Goodrich was born in Carroll Parish on the 21st day of February 1854 at the old homestead at Goodrich's Landing. In 1867 he went to live with his uncle, Silas Goodrich, in Cambridge, Mass. . . His remains were interred in the Providence Cemetery.

Oct. 08, 1891 - Murdered. The killing of Mr. Jeff Dunn Last Saturday evening at Floyd, by P. M. Gaddis, Sheriff of West Carroll, is looked upon by the citizens of this parish as a deliberate murder. . .

Oct. 08, 1891 - From the Vicksburg Herald. The remains of W. A. Miller, who died at Vidalia, La., last Sunday, arrived yesterday on the Goldman and will be taken to Lake Providence today on the steamer Ruth for interment. Mrs. J. D. Martin, aunt of the deceased, and his sister, Miss Ida Gardham, accompanied the remains.

Oct. 08, 1891 - S. T. Lemay. This old gentleman passed away last Sunday morning, after a short but severe illness. He had been in bad health all the summer, but managed to keep up and doing. . . His remains were interred in the Providence Cemetery Last Monday morning.

Oct. 10, 1891 - Missing pages 1, 4

Oct. 24, 1891 - Capt. R. K. Anderson. After a lingering illness of six or 8 months, Captain Robert K. Anderson passed away last Tuesday morning at Brunette, at the residence of P. D. Quays. . . He was a native of Franklin County, Miss., but was a lifelong resident of this parish. His remains were brought in that evening and interred in the Providence Cemetery, the Rev. William Hart performed the ceremony. [Obituary follows in the next paper.]

Nov. 14, 1891 - Married. Ludlow~Blackman. It is with pleasure that we chronicle the marriage of Miss Fannie Davis Blackman to Mr. Edward H. Ludlow, which took place in New Orleans last Saturday at the Coliseum Place Church, the Rev. Dr. Bussey performing the ceremony. Miss Fannie is the daughter of the late Dr. H. G. Blackman of this parish, who was once one of the leading men of East Carroll, being a large planter, as well as a physician. It was our good fortune to know the young lady as well, and we can testify to the gentle graces she possessed. . .

Nov. 14, 1891 - Mrs. Annie Lester Hill. After a long and painful illness this estimable lady passed away last Saturday night. . . Mrs. Hill was a niece of Mrs. Kimball, formerly Mrs. F. M. Hays, who raised here in Providence. . . Her remains were interred in the Providence Cemetery, the Rev. William Hart performing the ceremony.

Missing Issues: Dec.5, and Dec. 12, 1891

Dec. 26, 1891 - Mr. W. A. Page. It was with great regret that we heard of the death of this gentleman upon arriving home in the early part of the week. Mr. Page has been almost a life-long resident of East Carroll . .

Missing Issue: Jan. 02, 1892

Jan. 09, 1892 - Married. Divine~Erwin. On the 28th of December last, Mr. M. P. Erwin, of Omega, and Mrs. S. O. Divine, of Providence, were married in Caton, Miss., at the residence of Mr. T. B. Hart, the Rev. T. B. Golloman performing the ceremony. . . Mr. Erwin is a well known planter of Madison Parish, and Mrs. Divine has been living in this parish for a long number of years. . .

Jan. 23, 1892 - Mrs. Columbus Hamilton. It is with great regret that it becomes our duty to chronicle the death of this good lady. . . Her death is a great loss to her family as she leaves behind two daughters just verging on to womanhood, a little girl and two boys. . . The remains were escorted to the Catholic Church, and from there to the Providence Cemetery.

Jan. 30, 1892 - Mr. S. L. Graham. On the 15th of this month, Mr. S. L. Graham, owner of Stamboul Plantation, died at his home in Pineville, Tenn., after a long and useful life. . . Mr. Graham began life almost at the dawn of the present century, the day of his birth being Nov. 18, 1812. He was a native of Rowland Co., N. C., came to Tennessee in 1832, settling at Franklin then he went to Columbia, where he followed merchant tailoring until 1844. . . He was thrice married - first wedded to Francis E. Helm, of Columbia, from which union only one child, John M. Graham survives. In 1868 he married Thomasella Hardeman, who left at her death Harry H. and Thomasella H.. He took for his third wife Martha J. Clouston, of Franklin, TN., who survives him. . .

May 07, 1892 - Mr. A. G. Cassell, who has long been a member of the firm of Hardaway & Cassell, is the successor of the old firm which was dissolved by the death of Mr. Hardaway. . . Vicksburg Post.

The Carroll Banner was begun 1885. S. B. Kennedy was Editor.
It merged with the Carroll Banner to become the Banner-Democrat.

Aug. 13, 1892 - On Friday last after we had gone to press Mr. Tom Fatheree, the lightening boss in Providence, could be seen rushing around town with an extra joyous smile all over his pleasant face. Meeting him we asked whether he had won a prize in the Louisiana Lottery. Better than that was his prompt reply, another bright, bouncing boy at my house this morning, and on he went as happy as human beings generally get to be.

Aug. 27, 1892 - Jack McDaniel, colored, who has been jabbering gumbo French on our streets for many years, was quietly laid away in the Providence Cemetery on Tuesday last.

Aug. 27, 1892 - Mrs. John F. Graves departed this life on Wednesday at 5 o'clock p.m., at the family residence in town. She fell a victim to the dread disease named consumption. Her remains were conveyed to the Catholic Church on Thursday and after the usual religious ceremonies the funeral cortege conveyed them to the Providence Cemetery at 5 o'clock p.m., the same evening.

Sept. 03, 1892 - In Memorium. Charles Percy Guenard, son of J. S. Guenard and Anna Purdy, died of Diptheria, Aug. 19, 1892, at 12;39 a.m., aged 3 yrs., 2 mos., and 6 days, at Lake Providence.

Sept. 10, 1892 - In Memorium. Eugene F. McBain, Jr., aged 4 yrs., 10 mos., 19 days, died at Floyd, La., Aug. 25, 1892

Sept. 13, 1892 - Truly Sad. One of the most distressing events that has happened for a long, long time occurred at the old Arlington residence near Providence, on Monday night about 11 o'clock. It seems that Mr. L. L. Doran with family, who moved with the McGinty mules on to the Starlington place to make hay and corn for the coming levee season, which he had successfully , hearing of the family at Old Arlington residence adjoining, being disturbed of night by tramps and worthless persons, he with a view to their protection volunteered and moved with his family over there, determined in his own mind to capture the midnight marauders if it was possible. . . The Doran family are of excellent repute, and have several little ones in their crowd, among the children, a boy well on towards six years, a sunny eyed chap, who after having been put to bed carefully along with the rest the evening we speak of, for some cause or other became restless, got up, either in his sleep, or attracted by the moonlight and went prowling around the gallery. He approached the jib window, (whether asleep or awake no one knows) where his father and mother were sound asleep after the fatigues of the day. The little fellow pushed against his father's arm, who was sleeping next to the opening, his father woke up in part, seized the weapon from under the pillow and fired. Father and Mother started up, something had fallen on the outside of the jib door. No outcry was heeded. What was it? They reached over and gazed with eager eyes. 'Twas their darling boy lying on the broad of his back, the moonlight shining calmly down upon his innocent childish face and the blood oozing from a bullet hole between his filmy eyes, the ball having entered his brain. . . .

Sept. 17, 1892 - Obituary. Died in Lake Providence in the 47th year of her age, Louise Maher Graves, formerly of Madison Parish. . . .She has left a devoted husband and six children to mourn her loss. . .

Sept. 17, 1892 - Tribute of Respect. Castle Hall, Providence Lodge No. 28, K. of P., Lake Providence, La., Sept 14, , 1892. At a meeting..... held Sept. 06, a community consisting of Knights Charles R. Egelly, E. J. Hamley, and J. S. Milliken were appointed a committee to draft suitable resolution expressive of the loss this Lodge has sustained in the demise of our late brother, Past Chancellor Edward J. Deloney who departed this life at home Aug. 04, 1892...

Sept. 24, 1892 - We regret to learn that Mr. Joseph F. Love, father of our esteemed fellow citizen Mr. Walter Love, and at one time a resident of old Carroll, departed this life of Winterville, Washington County, Miss., on Friday the 16th inst.

Oct. 08, 1892 - Died. In Memory. NELSON -Died on Saturday, Oct. 01, 1892, Esther Hilda Laura, aged 2 years and 3 mos., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Nelson, at the residence on the Benham Plantation.

Oct. 15, 1892 - In Memory. IKERD - W. F. Ikerd, died July 3, 1892 at Eads Station, Tenn.

Oct. 29, 1892 - Died. ALLING. At his residence on Black Bayou plantation, on Saturday, Oct. 15, 1892, William Alling, aged 85 years and 21 days. [A longer obituary on the same page states that he was born Sept 24, 1817 in Newark, N. J., and was married in 1834 to Julia Treasdale of S. C. They had seven children, five boys and two girls, three of the boys and one girl only surviving childhood.]

Nov. 05, 1892 - Married. Ransdell~Davis. At the family residence of the bride on Belle Meade plantation, Tuesday evening, Nov. 01, 1892, Mrs. F. X. Ransdell and Miss Katie Davis were united in the sacred bonds of Matrimony. The Rev. C. Mahe performed the ceremony in the presence of a large assemblage of relatives and friends. The ceremony was followed by a dance at the courthouse in town, which was kept up until morning, when the bridal couple left on the steamer "Ruth" enroute to Chattanooga, TN., where they will make their future home. [A description of the wedding is in the Nov. 12 issue.]

Nov. 05, 1892 - One of our oldest and most highly esteemed citizens passed away on Friday morning last. Mr. Jacob Owen had resided in old Carroll for many years. He died at a mature age on the Gossyppia Plantation in the services over his remains were conducted by the Rev. R. S. Isbell, the members of Pecan Grove Lodge following with their impressive Masonic funeral ritual. . . .His body was placed in a vault temporarily, it being the intention of th family to remove it to its final resting place in Kentucky.

Jan. 14, 1893 - Mrs. Newman of Willow Point in the 1st Ward, widow of our long ago friend Mr. George R. Newman, passed away the close of last week. She was a good and excellent lady. [See also Mar. 4. 1893 issue.]

Jan. 21, 1893 - Died at her home in Columbus, Ohio, on Mon., Jan. 16th, Mrs. Liela Krongingbitter, wife of F. G. Kroningbitter and daughter of the late Col. W. w. Johnson and Mrs. Alice Johnson of Grand Lake, Ark, niece of Mrs. T. J. Powell of East Carroll and Mrs. Marie Louise Graham of New Orleans.

Feb. 18, 1893 - Mrs. Adeline N. Larche... passed away from this world in the eighty-fourth year of her age at the city of Shreveport on Monday last, thirty minutes after noon. She was, and had been up to a short time ago, the oldest resident in old Carroll, having come into the parish during the summer of 1832, and lived here continuously from that time on until she went with her daughter to Shreveport. [Another obituary in the Feb. 25, issued states that she was the widow of Dr. N. E. Larche of Lake Providence and aunt of Mrs. R. C. Sims of Lake Providence.]

Feb. 25, 1893 - We regret to learn of the demise of Mr. G. G. Lynch on the 6th inst., at his new home in the State of Arkansas; the disease that carried him off was swamp fever. Mr. Lynch was a resident of our parish for many years and represented that ward on the police jury for a length of time. . .

Mar. 04, 1893 - Since our last issue there has been quite an advent of several little cherubs into this world of ours, in the town and vicinity. Mrs. R. J. Barney gave birth to a daughter. Mrs. Mary Dillon presented a female first born to her husband. Mrs. A. W. Blount added one more sweet little girl to the crowd at home. Mrs. O'Donnell also gave birth to a new sister for the other little ones.

Mar. 04, 1893 - Died Jan. 7, 1893 at her residence in this parish, Mrs. Ann E. Newman aged 74 years. Her maiden name was Aldridge. Her father moved from Virginia to Tuscumbia, Ala., at an early day. She was married in 1844 to Thomas Limerick, a commission merchant of New Orleans who died in 1848. . . She taught school for several years and in Dec. 2852 she was married to George R. Newman, a planter in this parish. By her last marriage she three children, two boys and one girl, only one of whom survived her (Walter A. Newman). . .

Mar. 04, 1893 - On Tyrone Plantation Wednesday last Jane Wright was burning sage when her clothes caught fire, and she was fatally burned.

April 01, 1893 - The papers say that Mr. John B. McGinty died on Monday night last at his home in New Orleans. A violent attack of pneumonia carried him off. . . [Also in April 8th issue.]

April 15, 1893 - Mr. Robert Gannaway, photographer from Fort Smith, Ar., who has lived here some two months, had the misfortune to lose his wife at 7 o'clock Wed. morning. She died quietly, fell asleep. Her remains were placed in the Providence Cemetery at sundown the same day. . . .[The April 22nd issue adds that her maiden name was Van Norman and she was between the age of 30 or 40. She was laid away in the Providence Cemetery, the Rev. R. Isbell, Methodist minister, performed the last funeral rites.]

April 22, 1893 - Married. Richard~Graves. On Sunday evening last at 9 o'clock at the residence of Mrs. Z. Goldenburg on Church Street, Dr. James I. Richard of New Orleans and Miss Carrie M. Graves of this place, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony according to the solemn ritual of the Episcopal services for such occasions by Rev. Guerin, Rector of Grace Church. The parents of the bridegroom from New Orleans, were present at the ceremony, as well as the father of the bride. The happy couple left on the Chattahoochie early the next morning for their home in the Crescent City.

June 10, 1893 - The family of Mr. George F. Blackburn on Shelburn Plantation was overshadowed with sorrow last Saturday morning by the death of their sweet little 5 year old daughter Catherine. Hew removal was a sad and heart rending blow to the loving parents, the scars of which will remain for many a day. The profound sympathy of the entire community reaches out towards them in their irreparable loss and agonizing bereavement. . .

Missing Issues: June 17 - Aug. 19, '93; Sept. 02 -Sept. 09, '93; and Sept. 23 - Sept. 30, '93.

Oct. 14, 1893 - The Banner-Democrat extends its sincere sympathies to Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Parker in the loss of their little infant child, who passed away last Sunday morning. Funeral services were performed by the Rev. Lawrence Guerin that evening at the Providence Cemetery. . .

Nov. 04, 1893 - In Memorium. Mrs. Emma Green was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Maguire who were residents of this place in antebellum days. She was born and raised in Lake Providence. She was twice married, her first husband being Mr. William Free. Her last Mr. R. C. Green, to whom she was united in marriage about 9 years ago, and who survives her. She died peacefully at her home on the evening of October 26th, surrounded by her sorrowing husband and brother and many sympathizing friends. She suffered intensely but patiently for three weeks, the disease baffling the skill of her physician and the unwearied ministration of relatives and friends. Death found her willing and ready to go, but she longed to live for the sake of her husband and brothers, Frank and Zette, upon whom she lavished a wealth of affection. . .. On the day previous to her death the rector Mr. Guerin being present, she requested communion to be administered. . .The casket containing her remains, covered with flowers, was borne to Grace Church, when Mr. Guerin delivered so eloquent and appropriate sermon suitable to the occasion. Her body was then laid away in Providence Cemetery among other kindred who have gone before.

. . Dec. 03 1893 - Died. On Friday Dec. 22, 1893 at 11 o;clock a.m. David Dreyfuss, aged 42 years, a native of Mayence, Germany, and a resident of Lake Providence for the past 22 years. The 2 friends, David Morgan and David Dreyfuss, both gone in the brief space of 2 weeks!. . . He leaves to mourn his loss, a wife and 2 children and especially his old mother, who counts four scores and some years, and has survived all her children. . . Last Sunday our friend Dave's remains were laid to rest in the Vicksburg Jewish Cemetery near his brothers and sisters. . .

Jan. 27, 1894 - In Memorium. On Sunday morning last January 21st our town was shrouded in gloom by the announcement of the sad news of the death of Mr. J. L. Moore, which took place the previous evening about half past 9 o'clock. . . He was married 28 years ago to the devoted wife who is now left to mourn his loss; he also leaves 3 loving dutiful son. . .

April 28, 1894 - Married. McRae~Cherry. The nuptial ceremonies of Mr. W. C. McRae and Mrs. Susie Cherry, which took place last Wednesday evening at the Episcopal Church were beautiful and impressive in every respect. . . The ushers were Dr. W. E. Long, Messrs. Keene, McCulloch, Ernest Moore, and S. B. Kennedy. At the appointed hour the bridal party arrive, the bride coming in on the arm of her uncle, Mr. J. D. Tompkins, preceded by Messrs. William McCulloch and Ernest Moore. Immediately following the bride came Messrs. Wallace Keene and S. b. Kennedy. When the bride reached the chancel, she was met by the groom, who came out on the arm of Mr. Robert Moore. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lawrence Guerin in a plain audible voice, and with force of expression in the midst of the stillness that pervaded the church. . .

Missing Issue: June 09, 1894

June 16, 1894 - In Memorium. Died at Vicksburg, Miss., June 05, 1894, Louis J. Leddy aged 33 years. . . . Louis J. Leddy was born in New York City, Jan. 1st, 1861, having arrived in our little town in his early boyhood. We first greet him in the "Blue Store" under the employ of Mr. T. Byrne. He lived with Mr. Byrne, enjoying his confidence and Paternal care till 1881, when he went into business with Mr. J. L. Martin, in whom he found a fast friend. He left our town with Mr. Martin's family some 6 years ago to cast his lot in Vicksburg, where he won a host of friends by his genial and pleasing manners. . [obituary] Mr. Leddy leaves a brother and married sister, residents of Chicago. His father, mother and other members of the family are buried in Lake Providence, where his remains will be taken by the steamer "City of Hickman" this evening - Vicksburg Post.

Missing Issues: July 27 - Sept 01; Sept 15 - Nov. 24; Dec. 29, 1894 - May 18, 1895.

June 01, 1895 - An aged negro woman perhaps one of the oldest persons in the state died on the 15th of May in the 2nd Ward. Her name was Lethia Faulkner, but was generally known as Grana Lethia. She died on the Atherton Plantation, where she had been living for the past 60 years or more. Her exact age is not known, but in 1853 when J. W. Keene purchased her with other slaves at a sale in the 2nd Ward, she was then considered to old to work, and had not done any work for several years. Col. E. W. Constant considers her at least 115 years old or older. She was taken care of by the Keene and Constant families, and never knew what want was. Up to within a few weeks of death she could thread a needle, do patch work, and took a delight in doing little things about her home. The old colored woman was tenderly laid away.

June 22, 1895 - Judge Felix P. Posche, associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1880 - 1890 died in New Orleans on Sunday last, aged 59 years. He was an eloquent speaker and a lawyer of ability.

June 29, 1895 - The death of twin babies of Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Brown within almost 24 hours of each other - one dying on Monday morning and the other on Tuesday morning, was a sad blow to the parents, whose hearts are almost broken by the sad bereavement. . .

June 29, 1895 - Died. Knickerbocker. In the town of Providence on Tuesday, june 26th at 3:35 o'clock p.m. Clarence Barrett aged 9 months and 2 days, son of Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Knickerbocker.

June 29, 1895 - Died. Ransdell. At Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La., on Tuesday, June 18, 1895, at 6 o'clock p.m. James H. Ransdell a native of Rapides aged 50 years. . . Mr. Ransdell was born in this parish. He was elected clerk of court of Rapides Parish during the seventies and made a good officer. He served as a Confederate soldier, going to the front with Company D, Scott's Cavalry, organized in this parish. About 3 years ago he moved with his family to Lake Providence and was engaged in the insurance and notarial business there at the time of his death. He has a number of relatives in this parish, among them being a brother, Mrs. C. L. Ransdell, our present clerk of court and a sister, Mrs. Robert P. Hunter. His mother, Mrs. Amanda Ransdell and brother, Andrew Crawford Ransdell, also reside here. He leaves a devoted wife. The remains were brought to Rapides parish for interment, arriving here on Wednesday night 19th over the Iron Mountain Railroad, accompanied by his brother, Joseph Ransdell. Interment residence of the aunt of the deceased, (Mrs. Archinard) to St. Francis Xavier's Catholic Church, and from thence to the Rapides Cemetery in Pineville. . . . Alexandria Town Talk.

July 20, 1895 - Died. Root. In the town of Providence on Friday, July 12th, 1895, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Z. Goldenburg, Mrs. Mary E. Root, aged 75 years, 7 months.

July 20, 1895 - Died. Brooks. On the Carrolton Plantation, East Carroll Parish, La., on Saturday, July 13, 1895, at 8 o'clock a.m., Ruby, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Brooks, aged 8 years.

Missing Issue: July 27, 1895

Aug. 03, 1895 - Died. Peck. At their residence in the town of Providence, La., on Wednesday, July 31st, 1895, at 4 o'clock p.m. Francis Beatrice Peck, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. F. Peck, aged 4 years, 4 months.


Aug. 03, 1895 - Died. Williams. At the home of her parents, Illawara, La., at 10:40 o'clock p.m., Sunday, July 28th, 1895, Loraine, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Williams.

Jan. 25, 1896 - The sad death of Mrs. E. J. Delony, which occurred last Monday evening, although expected, was a blow to the entire community. The good lady had been n wretched health for some months before, and she knew that she was not long for this world. . .

April 25, 1896 - With sincere regret we chronicle this week the death of Captain Juny I. Mulholland, vice president and manager of Mulholland line. who, in the prime of his manhood died suddenly at Vicksburg, last Monday at 2 o'clock p.m. while talking to his brother and Dr. O'Leary in the office of the company. Captain Juny, as we want to call him, was only 39 years of age, strong and robust, and as fine a specimen of humanity as we entrusted with the management of the Mulholland line, and by his untiring energy and fine business qualities, he made it what it is today, a paying enterprise to it's owners, a great convenience and almost a necessity to our people. . .

May 23, 1896 - Missing pages 1 - 2

June 27, 1896 - Married. Price~Blackman. On Wednesday, June 17, 1896, at Christ Church Cathedral, by the very Rev. Dean Paradise, Miss Annie Laurie Blackman, daughter of the late Dr. H. G. Blackman of Lake Providence, La., to the Rev. Arthur Randles Price of St. Joseph, Mo. N. O. Times-Democrat

June 27, 1896 - Died. Emanuel Baker after an illness of several weeks, passed away on Sunday night and was laid to rest on Monday. He was one of the trusted and confidential servants of General Sparrow.

July 18, 1896 - Murdered. Captain T. W. Fuller of Webster Parish, was assassinated at his home on Wednesday night of last week. Two negroes living on his plantation were arrested and confessed to the killing. Short work was made of them by a mob of infuriated citizens, who took them from the guards and riddled their bodies with bullets. The killing of Capt. Fuller was a cold blooded murder.

July 18, 1896 - Married. Hurley~Quays. At the residence of the bride's parents, Col. and Mrs. P. D. Quays, Brunette, La., on Wednesday, July 15, 1896, Miss Amy Quays to Mr. Oliver J. Hurley of Globe, Arizona.

Aug. 21, 1897 - The little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Murphy died on Sat. morning last, after an illness of several weeks. Mr. & Mrs. Murphy have the sincere sympathy of our community in their bereavement.

Missing Issues: Sept. 18 - Sept 25, 1897

Oct. 09. 1897 - Rev. Dr. Sansum and undertaker Frank Fisher, who went up to Nitta Yuma from Vicksburg last week to attend the burial of Dr. A. J. Phelps, were made to leave Vicksburg and the State of Miss. on Monday last by the Board of Health. The Vicksburg people are determined to take no chances.

Oct. 23. 1897 - The sad news was received by wire on Wed. that Mr. Phelps Roberts died in Texas. Mr. Roberts had been ill a long time with the dread disease consumption and went to Texas a few months ago for his health. Mrs. J. W. Dunn, his sister, has the sympathy of her friends in her bereavement.

Oct. 09. 1897 - Married. Alen~Jay. At the residence of the bride's stepfather, Mr. H. L. Newcomb, Pilcher's Point, East Carroll Parish, La., by Rev. F. S. Parker, Miss Ida L. Jay to Mr. Vaughn O. Allen of Kilbourne, La. New Orleans newspapers please copy.

Nov. 06. 1897 - Married. Cofer~Schonfaber. Miss Mary Ella Schonfaber was married to Mr. James Rowland Cofer, both of this parish at the residence of Mr. T. J. Gilliam, Way-A-Way Plantation, Sunday afternoon, Oct. 31st. The marriage was solemnized by Rev. F. S. Parker. . .

Dec. 04, 1897 - Aunt Louise Burton, another one of our good old colored people has passed over to the unknown beyond. The old lady was highly respected by the white people of our town and there were many regrets at her demise. Her funeral was largely attended on Saturday morning last.

March 12, 1898 - The death of Mr. W. H. Schneider our popular and highly respected citizen, on Monday evening last, cast a gloom over our community. There were few men who were more thought of than Mr. Schneider, and his taking away moved from our little town one of its leading business men.

April 30, 1898 - Mr. Tom Godfry, who conducted a mercantile business at Floyd, a few years ago and who was known by a great many of our citizens, shot to death R. L. Webb, his brother-in-law, at Olla in Catahoula Parish one day last week over a business transaction.

May 14, 1898 - The sad news came by wire yesterday that Mrs. W. E. Long had died Thursday night at her sesidence on Atherton Plantation. Mrs. Long had been dangerously ill for several weeks, but there was hopes for her recovery. The Doctor's many friends in Providence extend to him and his little son their heart-felt sympathy.

July 27, 1898 - [Abstract] Married. Reid~Kennedy. Miss Dollie "Mary" Kennedy to Mr. William Reid at 6 o'clock in the evening at the Methodist Church on Tuesday the marriage took place. Mrs. W. N. White presided at the organ assisted by Mr. Robert Kennedy, brother of the bride, with his violin. The flower girls were Lilian Powell and Florence White. They were followed by Misses Katie & Narcisse, twin sister of the bride. The bride was led to the alter by her father Judge J. M. Kennedy. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Parker.

July 30, 1898 - The death of Miss Glennie Root on Friday last, cast a gloom over our entire community, and universal sympathy for her hear-broken mother and sister were extended to them in their sad bereavement. Mrs. Root with her two daughters had been in our town only a few weeks visiting Mrs. Z. Goldenburg and the sudden death of the young lady was very sad. Miss Glennie was the daughter of the late John Root, for many years a citizen of Skipwith, Miss. and who was well known in our community. He was appointed U. S. Marshal for the Western district of Montana by President Cleveland, and held the position until the election of McKinley. Mr. Root died only a few months ago in Atlanta, Ga., where he is interred, and where the remains of his daughter were taken on Saturday last by Mr. W. H. Brown of Skipwith, a brother-in-law of Miss Root.

Aug. 06, 1898 - Miss May Boney, of Madison Parish has been visiting Miss Beulah Goodrich, her schoolmate, received the sad news of the death of her mother on Thursday. Miss Boney left by land during the night, so as to reach home the next morning.

Aug. 20, 1898 - Married. Landswithe~Drebin. Cards have been issued announcing the marriage of Max Landswirth to Miss Mollie Drebin at Michigan City, Indiana, which happy event takes place tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Landswirth stole a march on his friends and said nothing about his marriage a few weeks ago when he left for the north. . .

Dec. 17, 1898 - Married. Benjamin~McCulloch. The coming marriage of Miss Elizabeth McCulloch and Mr. William Breithaupt Benjamin, is announced. The wedding to take place Dec. 29th at 12 o'clock at the Episcopal Church. Both are popular young people.

Dec. 24, 1898 - Lucinda Earley, colored, wife of Jake Earley, dropped dead on Saturday morning last about 7 o'clock near the residence of Capt. W. M. Purdy. She was in her home alone, and commencing to bleed at the mouth and nose left home in a hurry to go to a neighbor, and only got as far as the front gate of Captain Purdy's when she fell, expiring immediately . She was a good woman, hard working and industrious, and there are many regrets at her death.

Jan. 31, 1899 - This community was shocked yesterday to learn of the death of Mrs. Manning, wife of Captain E. C. Manning, the well known contractor, which sad event occurred yesterday morning. Mr. & Mrs. Manning came to this city from the north and have resided here for the past several years. . . The remains were deposited yesterday in a vault and will be removed in the spring to the home of Mrs. Manning's relatives in the north. Daily Natchez Democrat. Jan. 13, 1899.

Feb. 18, 1899 - Addie McGrath Lee, the beloved daughter, the cherished wife, and the gifted writer died last week. . .Soon after her marriage to Major J. G. Lee, Addie McGrath left her pretty home at Baton Rouge and went to live at Calhoun, La. . .

March 25, 1899 - Millie Robinson, a colored woman who had been blind for many years, died on Sunday last. She claimed to be nearly one hundred years old.

March 25, 1899 - Lucy Walker, another colored woman, who had almost reached the age of 98 years, died on Wednesday.

April 29, 1899 - The death of S. T. Baird, Congressman from the Fifth Louisiana District, was not unexpected, as the gentleman had been dangerously ill for several weeks. His death is lamented throughout the district, where few stood higher in the estimation of the people. Congressman Baird was not over 38 years of age, but he had been elected to the Legislature, to the Senate, District Attorney and twice to the Congress of the United States. . . The remains of Congressman Baird were escorted from Washington by a large delegation of Senators and Congressman, and the funeral took place at Bastrop on Wednesday last.

June 03, 1899 - Mrs. J. A. Delaunay died at 7 o'clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. N. Holmes, corner Maryland and Fifth Avenues, aged 61 years, after a long illness. Four children survive her, all of whom are residing here - Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Holmes, Miss Strassner, and Superintendent Strassner of the Street Railway. The funeral services will be held tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the Catholic church and the interment will be made in St. John's Cemetery. . . . Tampa (Fla.) Times. May 20th. Mrs. Delaunay was an old citizen of our town. . .

Sept. 09, 1899 - The death of Frank Maben, the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. McCandless, at Oak Grove on Saturday last was a sad one. He was born in our town and was about 13 years of age. . . His remains were brought in on Sunday and laid away in the Providence Cemetery. . . .

Missing Issues; Oct. 14 - Oct. 21, 1899

Nov. 25, 1899 - Mrs. Jacob Owen. Last Sunday morning, at 2 o'clock, Mrs. Jacob Owen passed away at her home on Buckmeadow Plantation, at the ripe old age of seventy-four. She had been an almost constant sufferer for years, and only a short time since returned to Louisville, Ky., where she had gone for treatment. She found, however, that her old-time physician, Dr. F. R. Bernard, could give her greater relief for her sufferings, and she accordingly returned home. Her death was due to bronchitis, although her extreme age had long since manifested itself in a general wearing away of her constitution . . . Mrs. Owen was a native of Kentucky, where she formerly lived with her husband, the late Jacob Owen. Mr. & Mrs. Owen came to this country before the war, when Bunch's Bend was one of the garden spots of north Louisiana. They lived on Owenton Plantation, which property they still own, and the old family residence, which is one of the finest in the parish, still stands as one of the lone monuments of a former day. . . Her friends were taken to Louisville for interment beside those of her husband, Mr. Geo. s. Owen, her son, left here with them last Monday night. . .

Nov. 25, 1899 - Married. Austin~Delony. Last Tuesday evening at 4 o'clock, at the Episcopal Church, Major Kennedy Austin and Miss Annie Delony were united in the bonds of matrimony. . . At the appointed hour the bride entered on the arm of Judge F. F. Montgomery, preceded by Messrs. T. S. and E. J. Delony, brothers of the bride. . . The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Logan of Vicksburg. . . Miss Annie is one of Lake Providence's most sterling young ladies. . .

Dec. 02, 1899 - Married. Moore~Saint. On Wednesday, the 22nd inst. Mr. Ernest Moore and Miss Clara B. Saint were married at the home of the bride's mother at Shuteston, La., in the parish of St. Mary. The wedding took place at high noon. . . The impressive ceremony of the Methodist Church was performed by the Rev. t. K. Fauntleroy. . . They left the same evening for Lake Providence and arrived last Sunday morning. Mr. Moore is one of our most energetic and upright young men. . .

Dec. 02, 1899 - Married. Morris~Collins. On Wednesday of last week, Mr. I. J. Collins of Ben Lomond, Miss., was married to Miss Mamie Collins of Mayersville, Miss. Mr. H. G. Morris of Lake Providence was Mr. Collins' best man. The wedding took place at Mayersville and, we hear, was quite a prominent affair. . .

Dec. 16, 1899 - The saddest event that ever occurred in this community was the death of Mrs. E. E. Williamson (nee Carrie Hall) at 8:30 o'clock on Thursday night of last week. . . She had not been sick very long. . . In one room lay her husband, down with the same affliction, in another room lay Dr. Pierce and Mr. Gann Williamson, in the third lay a helpless devoted, sweet Christian little lady. . . Mrs. Williamson was 23 years, 1 month and 8 days old. . .

Dec. 23, 1899 - The sad news was received in town on Tuesday evening that Mrs. Simon Witkowski had died during the day at her home near Ashton with swamp fever. Mrs. Witkowski was born and raised in old Carroll, out near Oak Grove, and we learn her remains were take to Caledonia Plantation for interment. Mr. Witkowski and his family have our sincere sympathy of the citizens of our town in their bereavement.

Feb. 24, 1900 - Married. Noland~Erwin. In Tallulah, La, at the residence of Mr. M. P. Erwin, the bride's father, on Wednesday, Feb. 14th, at 1 o'clock p.m. by Rev. C. Mahe, Mr. Thomas Batchelor Noland and Miss Susan Helen Erwin, both of Tallulah.

Mar. 31, 1900 - Kitt Starr, who murdered a showman in cold blood down in West Baton rough sometime last year and received the death sentence, has been commuted to life imprisonment by the Board of Pardons. The "Sugar Planter" says "it is a stinging travesty upon, and mockery of, the laws of God and man."

Mar. 31, 1900 - The remains of Mr. W. P. Kauffman, the gentleman who died with pneumonia on Thursday of last week at the levee camp of Mr. C. D. Leeper and was buried in the Providence Cemetery, were taken up yesterday and shipped to his home in Illinois. He was a mason and his brother and two others of the order arrived here Thursday evening to have the body properly prepared for shipment.

Mar. 31, 1900 - The death of Mrs. L. E. Bentley has cast a deep sorrow over our entire State, and the sympathy extended to her husband and family must be some consolation to them in their hour of sorrow. Mrs. Bentley was a bright woman, and her writings appeared in many of the magazines. We tender our condolence to Mr. Bentley, Miss Ella And Donard.

Missing Issue: May 05, 1900

May 19, 1900 - Died, on Eyrie Plantation, April 7th the infant baby of Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Snoddy, aged 5 days.

June 02, 1900 - Died. Major Leonard K. Barber. Last Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. Major Leonard K. Barber passed away at his beautiful home on Erin Plantation, surrounded by his wife and children. . . His remains were brought in from Erin, on Tuesday morning, to Grace Church, where the impressive ceremonies of the Episcopal Church were read by the Rev. F. O. H. Boberg. The pall bearers were J. W. Dunn, Clifton Davis, James N. Turner, George F. Blackburn, Phil McGuire, James S. Millikin, S. B. Kennedy and T. J. Fatheree. The funeral took place at 10:30 a.m. from Grace Church to Providence Cemetery. . . .Leonard Kellogg Barber was born September 28, 1854, in Woodville, Wilkinson County, Miss. After attending a private school at his home, at the age of fourteen he went to Magruder's school at Baton Rouge, where he remained two years. At the age of sixteen he entered the University of Virginia at Charlottsville. . . He was married September 21, 1881, to Miss Susie Sentell, daughter of Mr. G. W. Sentell. . . His father, Mr. Leonard Kellogg Barber, was a prominent lawyer of Woodville, Miss. He came from West Winfield, New York, when a young man of nineteen. His mother, Miss Martha Hester of Woodville. At the time of Major Barber's death he was 43 years and 8 months old.

June 23, 1900 - Last Saturday morning little James s. Millikin was laid away, by the side of his brother, who died only a few months since. The cause of death was dyptheria of a violent form. . .

July 14, 1900 - Master George M. Helm, Jr., was christened at the Episcopal Church on Monday afternoon. Rev. Quiney Ewing officiated and Misses Virginia Hunt and Gay Coleman and Messrs. LeRoy Percy and George B. Alexander were Sponsors. Greenville Times.

Aug. 18, 1900 - The mother of Messrs. W. N. and J. T. White, died in Petersburg, Va., in the early part of the week. She was 75 years old.

Aug. 18, 1900 - McEnery Bass, one of the youngest children of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bass, died of a violent spasm Tuesday evening. he was buried the following morning at 10 o'clock in Providence Cemetery.

Oct. 06, 1900 - The Banner-Democrat is called upon this day to chronicle the death of Miss Katie Turner, which sad event took place in New Orleans last Sunday morning, at 11:30 a.m. at the Charity Hospital. . . Her remains were brought up last Tuesday morning and interred in the Providence cemetery. . . The funeral took place from the residence to Grace Church, thence to the cemetery, the Rev. F. O. B. Boberg performing the ceremony of the Episcopal Church. . . .

Oct. 27, 1900 - Married. Hill~Bass. Last Tuesday evening at 8:30 o'clock, Mr. Charles H. Hill and Miss Mabry Bass were united in the bonds of wedlock at the Methodist Church. . . The bride accompanied by her sister, Miss Eddie Bass and met the groom, attended by his brother, Mr. Alex Hill at the foot of the alter, where the Rev. H. O. White was awaiting them. . .

Nov. 03, 1900 - Last Monday morning, at 2:20 a.m. Mrs. Cecelia C. Benjamin passed away at the residence on Homestead Plantation, surrounded by her loved ones. The good lady had been in ill health for a year previous to her death. She had just returned last Tuesday week from Sewanee, Tenn., where she passed the greater portion of the summer hoping that her health would improve. . . She was laid away in the family burying ground at Homestead Plantation. . . The Rev. F. O. B. Boberg reading the impressive service of the Episcopal Church. Mrs. Benjamin was an old resident of East Carroll.

Nov. 03, 1900 - Married. Ashbridge~Burney. The marriage of Mr. George Ashbridge and Miss May Burney was solemnized on Tuesday afternoon at the home of the bride, on the Holly Plantation. . . The ceremony being conducted by Rev. H. O. White of the Methodist Church. . . The young couple were the recipients of many handsome and costly presents, and from his mother, a large lot of silver that belonged to his grandfather, the late Gen. Edward Sparrow.

Nov. 10, 1900 - John S. Ikerd. Last Thursday morning at 4 o'clock a.m., Master John S. Ikerd, the 8 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Ikerd, died of swamp fever. . . He was interred Thursday at 12 o'clock, the Rev. H. O. White reading the funeral service.

Nov. 10, 1900 - Married. Barrett~Bell. Last Tuesday night Mr. J. L. Barrett of Lake Charles, La., and Miss Emma Bell were united in wedlock at the home of the bride's parents at 8:30. . . The ceremony was performed by the Rev. H. O. White. Mr. Barrett is a professor in the Lake Charles College. . .

Nov. 24, 1900 - We learn that Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Mobberly, of Longview, Texas, who were prominent citizens of the 2nd Ward of our parish for several years had the sad misfortune to lose their oldest son last week with consumption.

Dec. 22, 1900 - Married. Brown~Williams. Miss Narcisse Williams and Mr. Dennis Brown of Lake Providence, La., were quietly married at the home of her brother, Mr. J. Patten Williams in Louisville, Kentucky, Dec. 12th, 1900, at 10 o'clock a.m. The ceremony was performed by Father Murphy of the Cathedral. . . News of the death of one of the bride's brothers reached here too late to make any change in the programme. Louisville, Ky.

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