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  1. Ancestors  - View listings for 2 weeks period (by metropolitan area or by "all airings"" PBS
  2. CNNdotCOM Tools: Tracing your family cyber-tree - A recent poll found that 60 percent of Americans are interested in tracing their family tree -- up from 45 percent five years ago. Genealogists say the Internet makes it easier to track down historical records, archival resources and even long-lost relatives. (CNN) September 8, 2000
  3. Linked 1900 U.S. Census Images Online -, LLC today announced the online, fully searchable 1900 U.S. Census, which includes information on every recorded person in the United States at the turn-of-the-century. This completely indexed information makes it easier than ever for people to quickly locate their ancestors on the Internet. FREMONT, Calif./PRNewswire September 7, 2000
  4. Slice of Scandinavian life comes to Waterloo Village - "Anna" and "Lars" had the perfect Norwegian wedding. Dressed in
    embroidered wool clothes and a crown for the bride, they held a wedding procession, exchanged vows, then watched the folk
    dancing that followed.
    Bergen Record, New Jersey, September 5, 2000
  5. Colonial Stock a Requirement of Members - Heritage Hunting: Beverly Smith Vorpahl names several societies devoted to U.S.
    history and patriotism., September 3, 2000
  6. Log on before a visit to Holland - If you're one of the zillions of Americans with Dutch ancestry and want to see if you can  trace your family tree, click on Back to Your Roots and then find the genealogy section. Bergen Record, New Jesey, September 3, 2000
  7. Expands Offerings of Interest to Babyboomers and continues to break new
    ground and expand its offerings to their audience by adding a genealogy section called the Ancestor Connection, a weekly
    column on the world of golf, and a pet section written by veterinarians.
    Titusville, N.J.,/PRNewswire 8/30/2000
  8. New Polish center reflects Old World heritage - Cultural center fashioned after historic manor houses. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Aug. 6, 2000.
  9. Slave Research CD Available - Gwen Midlo Hall is on a  mission to shed light on America's slaves and their personal  histories through thousands of pages of handwritten colonial-era  documents salvaged from courthouse basements across  Louisiana and as far away as France and Spain. Associated Press, August 5, 2000
  10. Royals should prove  their blood is blue -   DNA tests should be compulsory  for anyone on the civil list - The Guardian, Manchester, England  August 4, 2000
  11. Rest in Cyberpeace - They have memorials on the Internet that chronicle their lives, perhaps  Forever. St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press -  August 3, 2000
  12. Retrace the Steps of  American Immigrants  - With  the immersive, interactive PC  CD-ROM, the Ellis Island Experience Business Wire - July 26, 2000
  13. Will the real Shakespeare please stand up? - Charles Francis Topham  de Vere Beauclerk, the Earl of Burford and direct descendant of  Edward de Vere (1550-1604), the 17th Earl of Oxford, believes his  ancestor wrote the plays under the hyphenated pseudonym "William  Shake-speare." Declares his lordship, curator of the de Vere library  and a leading Oxford proponent: "Academics have an enormous  vested interest in Shakespeare: For them, the issue is not literary or  historical, but political. Their man is a flimsy cardboard cutout."  U.S.News & World Report, 7/24/2000
  14. Well past time to honor Sacajawea - The government never has given Sacajawea her due. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark wanted to reward their invaluable Indian guide and translator after they returned to the Missouri River. But they knew anything they gave her would wind up in the hands of her ruthless husband. SpokaneNet, July 19, 2000
  15. Appointment in Ghana - An African-American woman unravels the mystery of her ancestors, Modern Maturity, July - August 2000
  16. and Partner to Provide Premium Online Family Services, San Francisco and Kansas City, Mo., PRNewswire July 12
  17. DNA-test bid to trace Viking Ancestry - Scientists are to take DNA samples from 2,500 British men to find out how many of them have Viking blood, it has been disclosed. The research is aimed at finding out how many Britons are descended from Vikings, and to answer questions that still surround the enigmatic invaders. Ananova Ltd., 11th July 2000.
  18. Family: Family history helps researcher find her place  - This is what I know about my ancestors: My dad's mother was from Kentucky, his father's family from Mississippi. Before them? Um, England. We think.   
    Dallas Morning News, July 11, 2000
  19. Tallies provide knowledge on  ancestors -  Heritage Hunting: With the 2000 census forms  circulating  Beverly Smith Vorpahl offers some insight  into why genealogists are so fond of censuses.
    Spokane Spokesman-Review, July 9, 2000
  20. Black woman says Andrew Jackson is her ancestor - Of all the family stories heard at yesterday's reunion of descendants of President Andrew Jackson's slaves, perhaps the most striking was that of Dorothy Haskins: that she's Jackson's great-great-granddaughter. The Tennessean, 7/09/2000
  21. Descendants of Scopes trial members ready to swap tales at Dayton festival - The Scopes anti-evolution trial stirs again this week in Dayton, Tenn., the town where the showdown between science and religion got worldwide attention 75 years ago this month. The Tennessean, 7/09/2000
  22. Jewish genealogists to document families - 600 coming to S.L.; their quest often ends in 1800s,, July 08, 2000
  23. Summertime family fun - Now that the kids are out of school and summer vacation is under way, here are some ways for families to have fun together - Scripps Howard News Service,  Thursday, July 6, 2000
  24. Excite@Home, Build Co-Branded Site - provide users with Excite Genealogy; InternetNews - Advertising Report,  July 5, 2000
  25. Dwindling membership challenges  Daughters of American  Revolution  - "You have to want to be in DAR. You just don't walk in," The Bergen Record (New Jersey), July 4, 2000
  26. Book helps people get started, use Web as resource - The most frequently asked genealogy question posed to this columnist was once,"How do I start ?" Now, more people are asking, "How do I find my ancestors on the Internet?" The first question is more easily answered.  Sun Herald, Biloxi, Gulfport, Mississippi GulfCoast, 6/23/2000
  27. Branches out - After running up what they called a "truly scary loss last year,"the founders of, the oldest and largest free genealogy Web site, announced its acquisition today by competitor  The Industry Standard, June 22, 2000 
  28. Genealogy site MyFamily adds branches to its tree -, a genealogy Web site, said today it agreed to buy rival - CNET June 21, 2000
  29., Inc. Increases Portfolio of Sites to Extend Its Position as The Number One Online Source for Families and Family History Research - San Francisco, June 21 /PRNewswire/
  30. Genealogy info now just mouse-click away - Elizabeth Beavers used to travel thousands of miles to county courthouses in other states to trace her familial roots. These days, she just walks over to her computer. Waco Tribune-Herald, 6/18/2000
  31. Using Web for family searches is assailed - Genealogy experts warn against using the Internet to trace a family's roots. They say the search may prove shallow with often questionable information on the Web.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch June 18, 2000
  32. Upgrading your family tree - Ann... has been researching her ancestors for as long as she can remember, but she doesn't feel comfortable on the Internet ( by EVAN WOODBERY, Birmingham Post-Herald of Alabama) Modesto Bee Online , June 17, 2000
  33. Bill Royce Linder, 63, former director of historical information at the National Archives who was a leading authority in family histories and methods of genealogical research, died June 9 at his home in Arlington after a heart attack.  Washington Post June 15, 2000
  34. You can't e-mail the images of life stored in writer's mind - and heart - I've never met my young novel-writing, genealogy-collecting cousin …, but his e-mails suggest he thinks I have some wisdom to share. The Detroit News - Tuesday, June 13, 2000
  35. Hatfields and McCoys reunite long after feud - James Justice, the appropriately named chief of police in Pikeville, Ky, has some strong words about the region's two most famous families, The Philladelphia Inquirer, Monday, June 12, 2000.
  36. A matter of grave import - Sprawl threatens historic cemeteries and the stories they tell - U.S.News & World Report, 6/12/00
  37. Not the best way to family fortune - The software for making your own family tree is very good but the title is let down  overall because it is so slanted towards an American market.  The London Times - 10 June 2000
  38. Adoptees greet news with fear, joy -  Many Oregonians receive long-awaited copies of their original birth certificates  - The Oregonian, June 8, 2000
  39. Helping African-Americans trace roots of  family trees - When the members of Roland Barksdale-Hall's family get together, it will be the largest gathering since  World War II, when they celebrated the 102nd birthday of  the last living member to have been a slave.  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 08, 2000
  40. Church's 'vandalism' outrages families - Gravestones removed, plots resold at cemetery in Perkins - Ottawa Citizen, June 5, 2000
  41. Web brings far-flung families a little Closer - Seated comfortably in front of her PC, she signs onto, and keeps in constant, easy touch - Miami Hearald, June 3, 2000
  42. Crusading Lyons historian honored - Political power in this town stands about 5 feet tall and peers rom behind wingtip glasses. - Denver Post, May 31, 2000
  43. Beneath Myth, Melungeons Find Roots of Oppression - Appalachian Descendants Embrace Heritage - Washington Post 5/30/00
  44. Civil War drummer who used gun honored - genealogy club helps in research -  Milwaukee Journal Sentinal - May 27, 2000
  45. Have your genes sequenced online - The sign reads, "General Admission to the Human Genome." The Standard May 24, 2000
  46. Headstone hunter  genealogy Web site established - A new research tool and Internet site for genealogists has  been announced by "WorkIt!" which calls its newest  project  Mobile Register - 05/23/2000
  47. New Privacy Threat: Genealogy?  Just when you thought there was nothing new to say about the oft-cited  privacy threats that Americans face..Wired News May. 18, 2000 PDT
  48. Taking DNA from the dead - In America you can have your DNA preserved after you  die. What are the ethics of such a practice? The London Times - May 17, 2000
  49. Funeral homes find way to Web - offers long-lasting online memorials to deceased  (Note: On this one, I had to select "stop animations" to be able to see the page.)  Dallas Morning News - May 17, 2000
  50. Discovering your family tree -Are you a sum of your  ancestor's parts? Digging up your family roots  has become an addiction for millions of  Americans..WNYT, Albany, NY May 9
  51. Roots, Online - Americans Searching Web, Old Records, for Family Trees ABC May 4, 2000
  52. Mapping your medical history, USA Today, April 17, 2000
  53. A family tree that spans the Net - During 15 months of genealogical  sleuthing, the Internet has helped me uncover an  extended family…MSNBC, April 6
  54. Surnames found in DNA - Your surname may well be written in your genes, a study has shown. BBC 4 April, 2000
  55. Slavery in Jamestown Bones Tell of the First Slaves Brought to British America;  ScientificAmerican's Discovering Archeology, March/April 2000
  56. Finding Granddad - There's something so beguiling about family history. Time, March 20, 2000
  57. Iceland sells its medical records, pitting  privacy against greater good - Iceland  has sold the medical and genealogy  records of its 275,000 citizens to a  private medical research company CNN, March 3, 2000
  58. Fancy your own coat of arms? - Baroness Thatcher, Bill Gates and Cliff Richard have them
    BBC 28 February, 2000
  59. San Antonio woman recounts discovery of ancestor's place in history - Local museum to display family treasures,  San Antonio Express-NewsSunday, Jan 23, 2000
  60. Planet Web: The History Makers - "Ten years ago, my mother decided to  trace her Swedish roots... Last week she started  the search again. This time, though, she  used the Internet.The Standard, January 13, 2000
  61. Iceland's Genetic Jackpot - One stamp of approval stands between a genetic research company's plan to map the genes of the entire Icelandic population and drawing the first DNA sample.Wired News, Dec. 10, 1999
  62. Genealogy Giant Adds Branches - Mormon site expands, adding search options and  links to useful resources, November 26, 1999
  63. Genealogy Gateway offers huge listing - Steve Lacy says he didn't start out to build the world's largest genealogy web site. USA Today 11/23/99


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