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by Boris Vallejo

Conan of Aquilonia

Book No.: 11
Published: 1977
L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter
based on the hero created by Robert E. Howard

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Ace Books
A division of Charter Communnications, Inc.
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New York, NY 10010

The biographical paragraphs between the stories are based upon A Probable Outline of Conan's Career, by P. Schuyler Miller and Dr. John D. Clark, published in The Hyborian Age (1938), and on the expanded version of this essay, An Informal Biography of Conan the Cimmerian, by P. Schuyler Miller, John D. Clark, and L. Sprague de Camp, published in Amra, vol. 2, no. 4, (1959), by G.H. Scithers.

From the Introduction
by L. Sprague de Camp

This story deals with the adventures of Conan and Conn between Conan the Avenger, in which Conan recovered his queen of a year from the sorcerer Yah Chieng, and Conan of the Isles, in which the aging monarch abdicated his throne to set out for one last grand adventure in the unknown West. At the time of the present stories, Conan is nearing sixty. Save for the scars of many brawls and battles, which crisscross his mighty frame, one would take him for a much younger man. True, his square-cut mane of coarse, black, straight hair and the fierce black mustache, which he has assumed in deference to Aquilonian fashions, show traces of gray and his skin is becoming leathery. But while he is a little stiffer and slower than in his long-past youth, the strength of his massive thews is still that of two ordinary men.

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