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Galla Creek Mountain Feist
Treeing on a Zip Line
Nothing Can Keep a Mountain Feist Getting Treed!

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We would like invite all visitors to view our Feist Blog where we post a new Mountain Feist squirrel dog photo or a related squirrel hunting or even fishing top daily. There 1000s of Mountain Feist picutures posted there so far and new ones are added each day. Check out our Blog!

Lia and Tie, Galla Mountain Feist Squirrel dogs are treeing on a Fox squirrel who was in this Persimmon Tree. Little Cora was running loose in my Meadow and she got in on the action. Since Cora barked treed, I thought I should shoot the squirrel for her. Tie got to it firsh and did a little crushing but in the end Cora trotted off with her head held high with the prize in her mouth! Feists will find a way to get treed!
Larry Renfroe
488 Galla Creek Lane
Pottsville, AR 72858
You can email me at gallacreekarky @ yahoo . com
Phone: 479-890-8090