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Although we have not located documented proof that Jacob Goldman of Back Creek, VA was a son of Conrad Goldman, independent researchers have reached the same conclusion and contend this is correct. Jacob Goldman named Fredrick Stern and Humphrey Baker as executors of his will in 1750, Augusta Co. VA. Fredrick Stern is proven to be a Palatine German who came to America on one of the boats from Holland in 1710. In the book A History of the Starnes Family's First 125 Years and Beyond in America, by H. Gerald Starnes and Herman Starnes, Pub. Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1983, Fredrick Stern is said to have married Mary Goldman, sister of Jacob Goldman. The following is an excerpt from this book.

        No record exists of Frederick's migration from the Mohawk River in New York to the New River in Virginia. It appears that he and his family first went to the Tulpehocken in Pennsylvania for awhile. From the upper Schoharie Valley the trail leads over the highlands, then down into the Susquehanna Valley. The route is today approximated by the winding, bending N.Y. Route 7 to the area of Binghamton, N.Y., then south on U.S. 11 to the Swatara Creek in Pennsylvania.

On journeying up the Swatara Creek, they came to the Tulpehocken District which lay between the upper waters of the Swatara and Tulpehocken Creeks. Here they rested, no doubt, with Mary's family, the Goldmans. Conrad Goldman, Jr., Mary's brother, had left Schohane with some of the earlier Palatines bound for Pennsylvania. It is suggested that her other brother, Jacob Goldman, joined them here for the trip to Virginia, since the name Goldman does not appear on the Burnetsfield or Stone Arabia patents in New York. Johan George Goldman was a member of Tulpehocken Church from 1743 to 1746 and was probably Mary Starnes nephew.        

Descendants of Johan Nicholas STARING
1 Johan Nicholas STARING
  +--- (STARING)
2 ---Johan Adam STARING
  +--- (STARING) - Abt 1710
3 -----Frederick STARING/STARNES I Abt 1700 - Abt 1774
  +Mary GOLDMAN Abt 1703 -
4 -------Valentine STARNES Abt 1722 - Aft 1761
4 -------Frederick STARNES II Abt 1724 - 1779
  +Mary CARLOCK?
4 -------Leonard STARNES I Abt 1726 - 1782
  +Mary? (STARNES)
4 -------Joseph STARNES I Abt 1730 - 1779
  +Katherine CARLOCK?
4 -------Adam STARNES I Abt 1732 - Abt 1816
  +Caroline CARLOCK?
4 -------Thomas STARNES Abt 1734 - 1818
  +--- (STARNES)
4 -------Sarah STARNES Abt 1736 - Abt 1820
  +Jacob MOYER
2 ---Johan Valentine STARING
2 ---Johan Nicholas STARING Bef 1679 - 1759
  +--- (STARING)
  *2nd Wife of Johan Nicholas STARING:
  +Anna Elisabeth BARCKE Abt 1659 -
2 ---Johan Peter STARING Bef 1686 -

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