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Galla Creek Training Tips
Using a Squirrel Lure

Squirrel Lure
I call this ledge built on a tree a squirrel lure. I have them in my acre pen. The pups will tree them before they are trapped sometimes. But sometimes they get trapped and you can work the pup with the squirrel. Put the lure as high as you can and still use it. This will keep the pup from jumping at the squirrel. You don't want to let a young dog tree over a few minutes. Then set the squirrel free. Once the dogs are treeing in a training pen, they need to be removed. You never want to over stimulate a pup. They can get uninterested and burned out just like young athletes do who are over exposed to a sport at a young age.

The traps I like are called HavAHart. They can be bought at Tractor Supply or any sporting store. They are light and the squirrel can't bash his brains out on the side. They are very humane. I like to let the squirrel go free and trap him again. After a squirrel is trapped, he will come right back to be trapped again!

This is Wayne Hawkins squirrel lure. Wayne lives in GA. He bought his Feist from me. The lure works really well with 4 and 5 month old pups. Hard Tack was treeing before 6 months of age. The lure keeps the squirrel there to be treed. Then you can let it out and let the dog timber it. The lure is better than feeders I think for young pups.
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