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Kipper's First Litter
Pretty Boy Floyd/Tia Son
Owner: Greg Selman of AL
Born Aug. 2005

Kipper's Friend holds his pup!
Kipper is a Tia/Pretty Boy Floyd male. He is owned by Greg Selman of Al. Greg purchased Kipper (Rolls Royce) from Dean and Barb Wright of Ashland, Ohio. Floyd and Tia are Galla Creek Feists. Floyd is a son of Spook/Max. Tia is a half sister to Max. Kipper has the same good looks as Pretty Boy Floyd.

We received these pictures from Greg Aug. 2006. We are always proud to hear from Galla Creek dogs. Thanks so much Greg for sharing Kipper's sucess with us!
Here is part Greg's email, August 2006:
Kip is doing great......--I simply can't imagine a better squirrel dog or companion. My friend and hunting buddy owns a 100% Kemmer Cur and we hunted together all season. He and others finally convinced me to allow Kip to breed her and have little "hybrids". I had been wanting to get another just like Kip if possible anyway. Kate the Kemmer is an outstanding treedog with a tremendous pedigree to boot. The pups are beautiful and I couldn't be more proud of them. I'll probably keep the 2 males that I've had since they were about 6 weeks old. Kip has been great with them since day one. I certainly don't have any further breeding plans. I don't have the time nor do I have enough dog knowledge. I just need a couple good ones to hunt and I think I've got that now.

I just can't wait till the weather cools down some so I can get these 3 go-getters back to the woods. I'll concentrate on Kip (alone) for the most part this year. He's gonna make one fine squirrel dog--he's already pretty darn good now.

Greg Selman (radio)
Alabaster, AL

Kipper & Kate!

Too many too feed!

Greg's Keepers

Showing Reverence

Kipper's Pride!

Larry Renfroe
488 Galla Creek Lane
Pottsville, AR 72858
Email: Larry
Phone: 479-890-8090

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