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Galla Creek Cork
Galla Creek Cork's parents are Galla Creek Max and Awesome Aussie. Cork was treeing by 5 months of age. The pups are out of Judge Roy Bean, who is out of Zipper and Radio Flyer. These pups should be early starters as both parents treed early. ALL Corkers' pups have homes!

Cork pups all sold!

Cork and JB Pups--All Sale

All sold.

Galla Creek Amarillo -- Small Feist Female
Out of Cork and Judge Roy Bean
Purchased by Nancy Branch of Huntsville, AR.

Cork treeing just a pup

Cork is out of Aussie/Max

Cork's sister Shammy
I sold Shammy as a young pup to Junior Green of LA
She is an awesome dog like her mother Aussie
and her father Galla Creek Max and her sister Cork.

Cork is out of Aussie/Max
Biggest plus for this litter of pups is they will be early starters. Both parents were treeing strong by 6 months of age.

All Corker pups have been sold. They are named after Texas towns: Boys are Dallas, Austin, Houston (sold to Tommy Collins), Hawkins (sold to Luke Parks), Antonio. Girls: Alamo (sold), Abilene, Amarillo. We want to keep at least one of the female pups.Cork and her 8 pups--5 males and 3 females.
Cork had this litter of pups May 9, 2008. They were delivered by c section. I ran over Cork with my pickup when she was 5 months old. This cracked her pelvis and all her litters must be c sectioned. I sold Cork to Troy Vance of Hawkins, Tx. But I purchased this litter of pups from him. Judge Roy Bean (another Feist from Galla Creek) is the sire of the pups.

Judge Roy Bean
JB is mostly white with a few lemon spots. He is out of Radio Flyer and Zipper. Zipper is a half sister ot Spook and Radio is a brother to Spook's mother. JB is a full McAndrews Feist. Cork is 3/8 McAndrews Feist. The litter of pups are 5/8 McAndrews and 3/8 Old Time Feist.

You can see Zipper and Radio's pictures if you go to our Dog Gallery and look for a link with their name.


Cork Treed

Cork and pups at the Lake in TX

Larry Renfroe
488 Galla Creek Lane
Pottsville, AR 72858
Email: Larry
Phone: 479-890-8090

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